One goal, one reason, whats yours?

HI everyone, Zuri here!
I am not new when it comes to MFP and I am certainly not new to making goals and trying to find motivation to keep on keeping on.
I was first interested in weight loss in high school and achieved my goal with ease, but that was when my mom was a Zumba instructor and fed me!
Now that I am done with college and starting my own life, I finally have time to get back on track and live how my mom raised me.

What I want from you is to just give me one goal (i.e. Feel better, be X weight, etc.) and give me the reason why you've begun your unique journey. And maybe we can motivate each other in the process of sharing!

I have always had a vision of what I feel I look like, but I don't reflect that in the mirror. I want to be the girl who I see myself being in my head. I'm finally in a place in life where I can put more energy towards meeting some different goals in my life, and I'm fed up with making excuses.

Thats my answer! I can't wait to see yours!!


  • perkymommy
    perkymommy Posts: 1,642 Member
    I would be lying if I didn't say I want to look better in clothing and the mirror but I also desperately want to feel better. I'm 4'11, 48 years old and range between 148-150 most weeks. I can't seem to get the scales to move. I keep yo-yo'ing and going back off the wagon when I know what I need to do. I lost 25 lbs last year and felt great and want to get back to that again.
  • Kullerva
    Kullerva Posts: 1,114 Member
    Goal: Attain and maintain a healthy weight; Reason: Most of my family hasn't and their health has limited (and in some cases wrecked) their lives. I started around 200 lb and can't believe how awful I felt then...
  • BrettWithPKU
    BrettWithPKU Posts: 575 Member
    210 pounds, As of today I'm 250 pounds.

    Wife and I are trying to conceive. I can't make the case for children to be healthy and active if I'm not healthy and active; I'd feel like a hypocrite and my children wouldn't take me seriously.
  • robertmusser
    robertmusser Posts: 25 Member
    For years I've avoided being in pictures because I don't like what I see when I look at myself in them. I want my kids to have pictures of me in years to come looking happy and involved not hiding in the background and corners looking for an escape route.
  • chriskemmings7454
    chriskemmings7454 Posts: 7 Member
    I'm 49. I'm a red belt in TKD and have not participated for 12 months since I put all my weight on. I got depressed and was comfort eating a lot. Anyway, now I want to lose my weight and would love to go back to attaining my black belt.
  • samuelgina91
    samuelgina91 Posts: 158 Member
    My dad is really sick, so much of it was diet, diabetes, and a refusal to be active, then my mom with her health issues, and older sister with her own struggles. I am tired of it. I am tired of them being sick and not trying anymore, I can't try for everyone but I can make a difference for myself and at least put myself first.
  • leiarules
    leiarules Posts: 7 Member
    Heart disease, diabetes,and cancer has killed or is killing someone in family. After losing my mom last year, my grandmother and uncle before that. I knew I needed to make some changes. I see my younger siblings struggling with medical issues related to diet and lack of exercise. I want to inspire them and save myself.