Sugar Substitutes

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I'm curious to get some feedback on this article. I have a massive sweet tooth and do rely on stevia based sweeteners to fill that desire. What do you eat when you want something sweet?


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    I read the first couple of sentences and it's not based on real science. It's click bait
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    Hy there if it helps u ,cuz I have the same problem is I try to substitute by a fruit for example carrito juice with green apple! Is so good!! And also sweet! What u can do as well when u feel like something sweet but u r not hungry is drink a lot water till you fill up yourself so in that case u will feel satisfy no even not hungry cuz you feel full ! Another thing is if u really feel like eat sweet no u haven't eat in long time is just eat it! In small portion and of course not every day!
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    I usually have a little room for cookies or ice cream if I've been active but if I have a craving for something sweet and it's not going to work with my goals that day I have a coffee with milk and Jordan's skinny syrup. I'm not sure if it's Splenda or aspartame in them but it's 0 cal so it's definitely an artificial sweetener of some sort
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    The first paragraph makes me facepalm already. Don't buy into unsubstantiated crap like that, your life will get easier. If you want some reading material on how that stuff actually works, here is a good starting point.