MFP or WW?



  • tripletmommykat
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    I did ww online and lost 80 lbs in 6 months. Then the crash came. It's a nice idea, reward good eating, punish bad, but I'd be saving my points for crap and end up not eating enough. Ultimately, a major fail for me that only made my binge eating disorder worse. Plus, they rebuilt the program, got rid of a lot of the stuff I liked and for the price... not worth it anymore.
  • ukhobnob1
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    I am on WW... currently about to quit due to the whole.. "We don't really want you to eat your workout calorie" issue, and the fact that a protein shake of 2gr sugar and 22gr protein is six points.. SIX!!!! Madness... WW really isn't great if working out a ton which I am now doing.. I just need to cancel my membership as I have an app with a nutritionist at the gym this weekend and I know he's going to say to stop
  • nrbutton
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    WW works, but it teaches you nothing about how to maintain your weight once you reach your goal. My aunt struggled with her weight since she was a little girl and didn't know the first thing about losing weight or keeping it off so she did WW for a year. She did awesome, went from 301 lbs at 5 feet tall to 150 in a little over 12 months. She was so happy with herself, but almost as soon as she stopped the program she was left with making real life food choices and didn't have the tools to keep it off because all her food choices were made for her. She was 19 then, now she is 51 and 390 lbs. I've never seen her at a healthy weight.

    I would definitely recommend MFP because once you learn about your body, how to lose weight, and the true impact certain food choices have on your weight then you will always have that knowledge and it won't cost you anything except the normal price of your regular groceries
  • Sheisinlove109
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    Just eat right, drink water, sleep, exercise. Use mfp to track. Stay within your calories. Take a daily selfie to reference. That's it other than commitment. You got this!