Finally had that break down moment...

the last couple months i have been under the worst stress of my life... new job bought my first house etc. I have been literally eating out twice a day or more for the last couple of months... i have been feeling like crap and i thought it was due to the stress. Well this morning i stepped on the scaled and ive gained over 15 lbs. Crazy to think in a short amount of time what fast food does to our bodies.. .Well ive had my break down moment and now im ready to conquer this weight loss journey...

Anyone else remember that moment when they wanted to start their journey?


  • chnkysoup
    chnkysoup Posts: 79 Member
    Yep, mine came yesterday! I am 250 lbs (have slowly gained about 100 pounds in the last 10 years). I know I am a lot, I know I look big. I have been avoiding pictures for a while now and was in a group picture yesterday for the holiday. I was totally humiliated by how huge I really look. It has made me feel so terrible that I am hell bent on losing this weight. This isn't me and it's gotten way out of control.