Just started running again, and I did a 4k without stopping!!

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I'm just excited to share. I followed C25K in 2015 and spent the whole spring, summer and autumn running. I did a 10k back then and felt great.

In 2016, I slipped off track, barely did any exercising let alone running.

Now I've decided to get back in the game and my first run was a 4k over the Easter weekend. I went very very slowly and was prepared to take a lot of walking breaks but I was surprised to find that I didn't need to. I just focused on my breath and not over-exerting myself and it was a breeze.

Anyway - I'm happy to get back to running and will probably hit the pavement again tonight. Hoping to get back to those 10ks this summer. :)


  • RuNaRoUnDaFiEld
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    Great feeling isn't it?

    Well done :)
  • SaskDad
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    Congrats! I used to run years ago......and now I cant being this size. You are an inspiration. I may still run again if I work super, super hard.
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    @Toxicon way to go! Just started running again and i wonder why i stopped. High five to you.

    Running humor; this morning, 2.5 miles or more, only the birds, a fox, God and I know I ran. FORGOT TO SELECT START ON NIKE APP.