Lean meat SW

mskimee Posts: 228 Member
I never took to Slimming World as a weight loss method, I find the group sessions very judgmental in my area, but I love the recipes. One thing I did hear (from someone who does the sessions almost weekly) is the group leader tells everyone that if you buy 20% fat minced beef (ground beef) and you drain the fat off it, you count it as lean mince as the fat is gone. This logic seems flawed to me, but she has been hosting these meetings for years so I'm assuming she has a lot more experience in these things than I do. I know SW says to trim all visible fat etc and the lean mince is a LOT more expensive in the shops (€3.50 for 300g compared to €4.00 for 900g in my local Lidl). Can anyone confirm or dispute her logic for me? I hate logging incorrectly, it ruins my diary and makes me not want to trust anyone!! :D