Unhealthy food at work :(

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I hate it when I am trying to stick to my weight loss goals, and people at work keep bringing in unhealthy food! Someone made rocky road slice and specifically asked us if we would like some, she had the box and held it out to me "Rocky road?' she asked with a sweet smile. YES I WANT IT BUT I REALLY DON"T BECAUSE I WANT TO LOSE MORE WEIGHT. :(:(:(:(

Then, there are still heaps and heaps of chocolate easter eggs left over and Lindt chocolate. GAH.

To make things worse, my body has realized that i have lost 10% of my original starting weight over the past 3 months and is making me feel SO HUNGRY ALL THE TIME NO MATTER HOW MUCH I EAT.

It feels like I am NEVER going to reach my goal weight. Literally this past week I have been eating in maintenance and I am still starving all the time.

Does anyone else relate???


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    Someone brings food into my work almost everyday. And of course it's rarely anything except donuts, bagels, and cookies. I've just learned to ignore it. I might occasionally have a bagel if I really want one and can fit it into my calories.

    If you're hungry all the time, even eating at maintenance, you might want to look at what you're eating. I know for me personally, I feel full longer when I eat more protein.

    Ditto. Although I'm finding no one is pushing food on me any more. Think I may have giving someone the stink eye once or twice.

    And yeah, if you are hungry all the time you need to play with your food choices a bit to see if you can fix that but still stay in your goals. Try upping protein and see if that works. And if it doesn't, then try upping something else. Find what works for you.
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    I agree with Rachel about the protein. On days my macros are 155+ because of weightlifting I can barely eat it all. But days I eat around 50g I'm still famished even at 2000 calories. The easiest thing to do if you like eggs is to boil a dozen and eat one with breakfast and lunch.
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    Ignore, it and stick to what you plan to eat for the day. Best of luck.
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    Easter egg chocolate is gross and lindt is available any day, any time...its not special. Homemade rocky road...perhaps worth the splurge if you know it's amazing.
    (kind of trying to say that this food isn't necessarily worth it. Just because it's there and free doesn't make it good)

    And another suggestion for looking at what you're eating.. Reworking your macro split may help you with the hunger
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    A few thoughts -

    1) There's ALWAYS going to be food around. Get used to it. Otherwise being in public is always going to suck. Easier said than done, for sure, and I get it... but...

    2) If you're ALWAYS hungry regardless of how much you eat, then there's something else going on. Have you done any reading on things like food cues and environment/habits related to diet?
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    part of the journey is to learn how to live with the food and quantities of that make you gain weight. if your in for the long haul, you have to realize its a mental adjustment as much as it is just moments of self control. you have to kind of realize that to eat a donut means you sacrifice something else in another part of the day or the week.

    log log log everything. decide that no matter what, your going to stay in with in your goals.

    and as rachel has stated, do some looking for filling foods and protein works for me as well.

    you don't really say how many calories your eating, or your stats so we can't be of much help...unless your just venting and frustrated to which sometimes you just need to hear.... "get over it and move on" goals aren't easy..just the way it is.
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    YES! This is a daily struggle for me as well. It seems like every vendor we have likes to send us chocolate, or cakes, or greasy lunches. My biggest struggle at first were the overflowing candy dishes that are on my walk to the bathroom. I've learned to just say no thanks to most of the crappy food offerings OR fit a small portion into my day.
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    I relate! Vendors bring food into our office daily. South Louisiana Food, nothing to play with! Boudin, cracklins, horribly tasty FAT FOOD. It is tough to ignore it, that is how I got here. But I got back on the wagon last week and am trying to stand fast. What helps me is the bags of filler food I go through (spinach mostly). That and water keep me feeling full and makes it easier, for me, to abstain. Good Luck!
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    I've learnt to ignore it; I don't even notice it's there now!
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    I just ignore it. Vendors bring in food all the time, multiple times a week. The smell of donuts in the kitchen is hard to ignore. I just make sure I have my own food and tell myself I am only going to eat what I bring. We also get together for birthdays. The entire office in one room with cake being served. I always say no to the cake. My willpower is too low to eat one and be done with any sweet or "junk" food, therefore I am making the choice not to eat any of it.
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    Yep! My job recently had a 5 year celebration and it was awesome. I still ate the food, but got back on track once the celebrating was over. People at my job also love to eat pizza, but I don't eats it.. I hate most pizzas ^-^;
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    katadx wrote: »
    I agree with Rachel about the protein. On days my macros are 155+ because of weightlifting I can barely eat it all. But days I eat around 50g I'm still famished even at 2000 calories. The easiest thing to do if you like eggs is to boil a dozen and eat one with breakfast and lunch.

    Another vote for protein! (And fiber.)

    I like a hardboiled egg with a half ounce of salted sunflower seeds as a snack.
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    Oh, I can relate. I'm sitting here looking at the tray of Banana Nut Muffins that someone brought in and placed at our team table which is about 6 feet from my desk. I can smell them. Like, I want to eat the entire tray.
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    I worked in an elementary school...talk about treats.

    If the kids had cupcakes for birthdays, I would usually take a bite, say it was great, then throw the rest away in the break room. If adults brought in treats, I would say, "that looks AMAZING! I can't even take a bite or I'll end up eating the whole thing."

    I also had a mid morning snack of almonds to help the snackies.
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    Whats your priority - a lasting improvement to your health including weight loss or momentarily eating something that you either dont need nor truly want. Its a decision I have to make many times in a day, even after over a year of following MFP guidelines and losing over 100lbs. I still struggle with it, but dont want to give anyone else control over what I choose to eat. Sometimes logic wins, sometimes emotion wins. But overall, I have been able to say "no" far more easily, and my reward is continued health improvement and weight loss. It does get easier when you are motivated by your own success.
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    When anyone from my team is eating something juicy I send them to eat in the kitchen.
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    I used to work in a kitchen, and I gained 10 lbs in 3 months because I didn't know how to resist the food my coworkers would make me for break times. :/

    Retraining yourself to have less of a taste for sweets is possible. I totally avoided added sugar for months, then added it back for a few treats I enjoy, and find that sugar just doesn't call to me like it used to. I realized that for me, the enjoyment wears off after the first 2 bites and then it's just sickening sweetness. It is now easier to pass up, or at least stop if I'm full.

    If you can, avoid even looking wherever the treats usually are kept. Keep a stash of tea, coffee, flavored seltzer, whatever, and go straight for it when you feel sugar calling. I used to keep bags of cut veggies and munch on them furiously too. It will get easier. Best of luck.

    Edit: OP, I just noticed your profile pic and it is awesome. That is one of my favorite episodes of GG. :D
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    Thank you for the advice, I really did just need a space to vent to be honest. Protein does help and I always make sure I include it in every meal and pretty much all of my snacks. Also I make sure i include fibre and healthy fats too....I am finding that food that was keeping me full for a certain amount of time now isn't satisfying me as much, and my body has revved up my hunger levels. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this after eating in a calorie deficit for a while.

    Edit: OP, I just noticed your profile pic and it is awesome. That is one of my favorite episodes of GG. :D

    Thank you! Gilmore Girls is one of those shows that pretty much always makes me feel better, just like 'Friends'. :D