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  • YalithKBK
    YalithKBK Posts: 317 Member
    I weigh myself daily (in the morning, nekked, after I pee) and use to track my overall weight trend (it smooths out the daily fluctuations).
  • happyauntie2015
    happyauntie2015 Posts: 282 Member
    Daily after using the restroom I like to see how my body reacts to different things life throws my way
  • cbihatt
    cbihatt Posts: 319 Member
    Usually 2 or 3 times a week. I record my weight on Monday. Sometimes I will weigh on Wednesday and/or Friday just to see how things are going, but I don't write it down anywhere.
  • VintageFeline
    VintageFeline Posts: 6,771 Member
    Mostly daily and I log it in Happy Scale. I only log new lows here.

    But sometimes I go through phases of not bothering as I'm also happy to trust the process.
  • spiffychick85
    spiffychick85 Posts: 311 Member
    I weigh every day...when there is a consistent drop in weight (two days in a row at same weight) I log it :)
  • JohnnyPenso
    JohnnyPenso Posts: 412 Member
    When I was losing weight I weighed in every morning and it was remarkably consistent and predictable. Now that I'm on maintenance I don't weight myself on any regular basis but end up on the scale once a week or so just to let it know I'm still around.
  • Purplebunnysarah
    Purplebunnysarah Posts: 3,252 Member
    First 65 lbs I weighed daily and plotted a trend line.

    Then I hit onederland and that really messed with my head. Lots of self-sabotage.

    So I've decided to put the scale away until at least May 31 and just focus on eating food that fills me up and is generally healthy (but not overly restrictive), and maintaining at least a bit of a deficit every day. My calorie goal has me at a 750 cal/day deficit so I've got a lot of wiggle room if I'm extra hungry or need to squeeze in a treat.
  • LAWoman72
    LAWoman72 Posts: 2,846 Member
    I weigh myself every morning just to "see." I record my weight once a week.
  • spiriteagle99
    spiriteagle99 Posts: 3,701 Member
    I couldn't stand the daily fluctuations, since if my weight was up I'd get discouraged and eat and if it was down I'd want to celebrate and eat something, or I'd expect daily losses and when they didn't happen, I'd get unhappy. So when I'm trying to lose I weigh only about once a week. I pick a day when I won't have water weight gain from hard exercise or a restaurant meal. Now that I'm maintaining, it's less often than that, though I know from the past that I tend to ignore the scale if I have been eating badly.
  • SCoil123
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  • MiniMexxxxx
    MiniMexxxxx Posts: 43 Member
    Every day. I'm maintaining now and it helps keep me focused
  • richardpkennedy1
    richardpkennedy1 Posts: 1,890 Member
    3 times a week first thing in the morning
  • trigden1991
    trigden1991 Posts: 4,658 Member
    Sometimes I weigh daily, other times, weekly.

    It really doesn't matter!! The most important thing is to make sure that your mood should not be affected by what the scale says.

    Also weigh first thing in the morning, in the same clothes (or naked), after going to the toiler and before drinking or eating anything. This is the most consistent way to weigh.