What are some good foods to check out at Meijer?

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We have one opening nearby soon. I've never been in this particular grocery store chain, so I was wondering if they have anything noteworthy and different from other places. Thank you!


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    I am a born and raised Meijer girl and am there at least twice a week. One thing I find they do great is a really good variety of healthy convenience foods. Some really fantastic salads (my favorite is the southwest and their Michigan salad is a must try) and a variety of single serve dressings to choose from, lots of pre-prepped fruit and veggies if you are in a rush. I have never had a bad rotisserie chicken from there which is also great for meal prep or a time saver dinner and they have a great deli selection. Mine also just got a fresh sushi counter!
    I really like their True Goodness products (their store brand organic) as well - the boneless skinless chicken breasts actually look like they came from a chicken as opposed to a turkey. On sale this week and I bought 6 packages since they don't come in the family pack size. My son's pediatrician recommend chicken and milk as the top 2 items to buy organic due to all the hormones and antibiotics so the True Goodness works well for us there at a better price point than Fairlife or Horizon.
    They also have a decent selection of workout equipment and their mta sports brand workout pants are great for the price point.

    If you are used to Wal-Mart the prices might be higher but the meat and produce quality is significantly better. If your normal is a smaller chain then the selection and prices will be awesome. My biggest recommendation would be to shop the ad especially for meat and produce. You can sign up to get the weekly ad a couple of days early (I usually get it on Friday) so you can plan around the sales.
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    Their store brand Greek yogurt is good.

    I love making iced tea with their store brand of berry green tea bags.

    They have nice produce & a good selection of premade salads.
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    It's my main grocery store. Their sales can be super good and their every day prices are in line to Kroger. They may be more expensive then Walmart, but the store is a lot nicer then Walmart with better quality products (I will NOT shop at Walmart unless I literally have no other options for something).
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    I really like their meat. Specifically the ribeye steaks, but I've been happy with everything I've bought. Their workout gear is great and affordable as well as shoes. They're constantly adding new products too. I highly recommend downloading their mperks app. By clipping coupons on the app I saved almost $2,000 last year.
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    I am so excited! Meijer is my go to grocery store and right now I have to drive about 15 mins to get there.

    Next week, I have one opening around the corner from my house. So, I am super pumped.

    Anyways, I really like their produce. They also have really good rotisserie chickens. I also love the MTA sports bras.

    They are also upping their game in the clothing dept.

    The only thing I wish they would carry is Boar's Head lunch meat (they sell Dietz and Watson) and more Halo Top (they have limited flavors at my store). Those are the only two things I go elsewhere for.

    I also second @jmarie1025 to get their mperks app. I use it to build my grocery list every week and have saved a lot over the years with it.

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    Thanks everybody! Wow, sounds like a great place to shop. I will definitely make sure to check out their produce, meats, greek yogurt (yum!) and workout gear. I'll definitely grab their app too. :)
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    As a Meijer employee I'm pretty much inclined to say everything