belated milestone: 20,000+ miles of running!

arc918 Posts: 2,037 Member
Earlier in the summer I crossed 20,000 miles of running.

It took 11 years, so that's an average of 1,800 miles per year. The first few years were lower than that, the last 5+ years have been ~ 2,400 mile or so.

Even better 99.9% of my running has been outside. Less than 10 total miles logged on the dreadmill (as required by physical therapist while rehabbing an injury).

So hurray for me!


  • Cheval13
    Cheval13 Posts: 392 Member
    Hurray for you indeed! Geez, what an amazing record of a great accomplishment(s)!!
  • BrianSharpe
    BrianSharpe Posts: 9,238 Member
    At about 1,500 mile per year it should only take me 10 years to catch up......

    Congratulations, that's quite an accomplishment!
  • AmyEm3
    AmyEm3 Posts: 784 Member
    That's incredible!
  • rybo
    rybo Posts: 5,424 Member
    Very, very impressive! Here's to another 20K more!
  • RedHotRunner
    RedHotRunner Posts: 850 Member
    So awesome!
  • bert16
    bert16 Posts: 725 Member
    That's amazing, Jon - you were already my hero, but this just knocked you up a notch further!!!!
  • marathon64
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  • kilverstone
    kilverstone Posts: 89 Member
    That is amazing!! Congrats!
  • arc918
    arc918 Posts: 2,037 Member
    Thanks cyberposse! You are far too kind.