2 weeks of vacation from it all...



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    I left for a 2-week vacation the day after you posted your OP. I stopped logging, paid no attention to what I ate, made sure I got dessert at least once a day, did quite a bit of walking but also spent entire days sitting down, watching a sporting event, and drinking beer, and only managed to get a run in 2 out of the 12 days I was gone. And an abbreviated run at that.

    I weighed myself the night I got back and found I had put on 1 lb. After giving myself a couple of days for the airline food water weight to come off, I got back on the scale found I had actually lost 3 lbs. I have no idea why. I can only conclude vacation weight is not predictable.
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    I think when ur on vacation u should relax. Even if u gain some weight u know u can loose it easily when u get back. I'm not saying go over board east sensibly, have some fruits and veggies but dont skip dessert lol.