Does anyone have any low carbs and fats vegan recipes

lillylou8888 Posts: 1 Member
Hi I just started using my app again and looking for some high protein low fat and carbs vegan recipes


  • janejellyroll
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    Going low fat and low carbohydrate can be challenging and it's even harder since you're eliminating most vegan sources of protein with those guidelines.
  • xoxasma
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    Yeah if you're eating low carb then you can eat higher healthy fats. I'm not sure why you'd want to go low on both.
  • MaKaylaWest96
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    You want to eat lots of nuts, coconut milk and cream, and avocado!
  • liftorgohome
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    Chicken, beef, pork, eggs.
  • VintageFeline
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    Fat is essential for nutrient absorption and hormone balance. You probably don't want to go too low.
  • malibu927
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    tjkita wrote: »
    Chicken, beef, pork, eggs.

    The OP specified vegan

    Like other said, it's going to be difficult to do low carb and fat at once.
  • JaydenLindsey420
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    Don't cut both the fats and the carbs!!! Trade one for another if you absolutely have to. Being on a vegan diet is limiting enough as it is. You are just going to deprive yourself of necessary nutrients.
  • omgninjanator
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    I made this the other day and it's delicious. (around 350 calories per serving)
  • PaigeJMP
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    tjkita wrote: »
    Chicken, beef, pork, eggs.

    The poster clearly stated 'vegan'. If you think this is funny, you are wrong.
  • LostSun8
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    Since a vegan diet is generally going to be protein challenged, once you start looking to make it low carb and low fat as well, well essentially you are just seeking to live off of water and a multivitamin, maybe with some artificial sweetener to cheer yourself up as you wither away.
  • LostSun8
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    Oh wait, I guess Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey etc might be vegan and low carb and low fat, so there's that option, too.
  • poorankapoor
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    @omgninjanator thanks a lot for the lentil recipe ! I am a vegan and would appreciate some easy to make low carb recipes !