Is it true eating the same calories daily will lower your metabolism???

You hear so many things on the internet! It's so hard to trust all the information. So I heard that you should fluctuate your calories daily to keep your metabolism in check as eating the same amount daily slows it down. Is that really true?!

I eat 1500 calories 6 days a week and then 2200 on the 7th as a treat day. Is this affecting my metabolism?


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    The silly stuff on the internet. Where were we before it existed? Better off? Lol
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    The way you asked your question got the responses. I found a study on, and you can search and find it too, which showed that a -500 calorie deficit for 8 weeks did cause a 10% reduction in NEAT in excess of the reduction in NEAT that would have been caused by the weight loss. That same study showed that a week of eating at maintenance would restore NEAT to normal.

    In layman's terms, a diet break every 2 months of eating at maintenance for a week is ok. In your terms, a day of maintenance each week is ok, too.