Hello gang!

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I'm a 46 year old father of one young gentleman of 12, and a stepfather of two not so young gentlemen of 19. My poor partner Kate is the rock of our family, dealing with a house full of boys!
I was always an active kid all the way through to college. I grew up in a remote mining community in northern Ontario where play revolved around being outside until you heard your mother yelling sometime around dark. I played hockey, soccer and other outdoor sports, and when high school hit I was a three year provincial qualifier in wrestling, and the spry weight of 112 lbs!
When I hit the "real world" life became a little more laid back for me. My career is pretty physical, which maintains a decent amount of strength, but the cardiovascular side of things slowed. right. down. I hit a high a few years back of 194 lbs, all parked onto a 5'2" frame!
I've since turned a complete 180, and am well on my way to reaching my health and wellness goals, but by then I'll be ready to set some new ones! Since starting my journey the improvements in all aspects of my life have improved dramatically, and now I'm anxious to pay it forward! If you're looking for a coach, partner or buddy to share your journey with, just drop me a line!