Balancing out bread advices?

On an average day I eat breakfast at home, pack lunch, and make dinner at home, however my schedule recently changed on Tuesdays so now I either have to pack or buy dinner. The latter option isn't a problem as my University provides freshly baked bread and all sorts of toppings, allowing me to make a cheap healthy sandwich. While I do not intend to use this service every week, I will take advantage when I have less time to prepare from home.

The problem is that eating bread always makes me lethargic and sleepy, hence why I avoid it. Having a cup of coffee does seem to help but here's another problem - I am currently cutting out caffeine as its fueling my stress. I have been thinking about adding perhaps some fruit, but I am not sure if it will have the desired effect. Do you have any recommendations on what I can add in to increase my energy levels?


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    Get the fillings, not the bread and make a salad?
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    I've thought about it, but tomatoes are the only veggies available, the rest is stuff like smear cheese, peanut butter, chocolate sprinkles for bread, jelly, cheese and meat slices.
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    If you're eating sandwiches for dinner and this is not normal for you, your body may be confused at the macros because it's adjusted to your normal schedule (e.g. too many carbs for that time of day). It regulates your metabolism according to your circadian rhythm and feeding routine. You should feel better when matching your 'out' dinners to normal as much as possible.

    Assuming you don't have celiac disease, you can try eating some protein with the bread, like yogurt or chicken soup. You can add some fruit to the yogurt if you like. Also, if they have olive oil, you can put a little dab of that on the bread to add healthy fat. If you always feel tired however after eating gluten rich foods during your normal meals, you may want to get tested for celiac.
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    You can also go open face so only one slice of bread. It may simply be the amount of carbohydrates. Also do you have whole wheat or multigrain options?
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    Are you making sure that your sandwich has plenty of protein? You need this for lasting energy, not just a quick boost from the carbs.

    Also, caffeine isn't necessarily bad; have you thought about drinking green tea instead of coffee? It's much less caffeine and you still get the antioxidants.
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    Lizzy622 wrote: »
    You can also go open face so only one slice of bread. It may simply be the amount of carbohydrates. Also do you have whole wheat or multigrain options?

    ^^^ This, or just take one slice, cut it in half, and load it high with assorted meats, a slice or two of cheese, and as many tomatoes as you can handle and still fit it in your mouth.

    You might also want to have back-up like dried fruits, packets of tuna, beef jerkey, nuts, etc. that you can throw in your bag to supplement or replace the bready dinner.
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    I doubt it is celiac since I take grains quite well and never had problems with bread before. I took a small bun of what it is claimed to be the whole wheat option, but I suppose my body could indeed be shocked of the amount of carbs it is getting. I did attempt today to move the sandwich as my lunch, however got the same result plus an unpleasant feeling of sudden increased pulse and blood pressure.

    Now that you point it out, I do usually load my lunches and dinners with healthy fats and proteins, as well as plenty of fresh greens and fruits. I did not at all stop to consider that my body may react so violently to the sudden change of food type. I might as well forget about integrating the sandwich in my diet and just stick to the foods I am normally eating, a bit of extra planning won't hurt once a week. I will consider the green tea option though, that sounds lovely.

    Thank you all for your advices!