I'm going on holiday a week on sat and ill be away for 2weeks, I should start week 4 when I leave but I don't think there will be facilities to do it on holiday what do I do?? Do I start where I left off when I'm back or do I have to start all over again......not good timing I know :( also can anyone recommend what to do on holiday so I don't loose it??
Thanks in advance


  • rachelwarner32
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    Not an expert but I'd start where you left off. You'll be on recovery a week later so you should do fine. Starting over would stink. You've got this far :-) I'm on day 5!
  • fefe0201
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    Thanks I think ur right would be a thought starting from scratch!!!
    How u finding it?? It's hard work but I see a difference already, not in weight or anything just in strength, I managed today to do my first ever real push up and I done 5 in a row! I can't do the moving ones so I just practice my push ups lol what's ur fav? Is this ur first time doing it? It's mine :)
  • Greenrun99
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    If your going on vacation with little workouts involved, when you get back I would do 1 week of Month 1 again, then hit month 2 just to get your body warmed up and used to the easier workouts involved in month 1. If you are just out of it that first week back though, do it again until your back up to speed.
  • fefe0201
    fefe0201 Posts: 49 Member
    Thanks, have u done it?? Month 2 scares me, since everything has MAX in front of it, I have no idea what to expect haha