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Gym pet peeves



  • 1musicgrl
    1musicgrl Posts: 135 Member
    Not cleaning the machines, yelling really loudly (I get some noise is necessary at times, but the whole gym doesn't need to hear you above the loud music that already is playing), and dudes coming up and using the treadmill beside me, when every other treadmill is available. Give me some space bro! I don't want your sweat bouncing off of me. Lol. Ok end of rant. :p
  • gamerbabe14
    gamerbabe14 Posts: 876 Member
    Walking into the gym
  • Jockamo319
    Jockamo319 Posts: 22 Member
    People that use more than one equipment at a time when the gym is busy. Or when they leave for 5 mins and say " I was using that" when they come back. Yeah no, I am now.

    That's the one! Dibs is not a thing -- you're either on the equipment or off it

  • feroz185
    feroz185 Posts: 2 Member
    People using their phones and wasting time on benches or lifting machines :/
  • PennyVonDread
    PennyVonDread Posts: 432 Member
    Walking right in front of someone attempting a heavy snatch or C&J is a no-no.

    I also get peeved when people are actively looking for a date.
    I came to workout, not "go out."
  • PennyVonDread
    PennyVonDread Posts: 432 Member
    edited May 2017
    And more of a crossfit gym thing, but if you bring your dog and he can't be controlled or stay of the platforms where people are lifting, you are a bad owner.
  • Packerjohn
    Packerjohn Posts: 4,855 Member
    My gym has a nice piece of field turf as a place to push the Prowler. *kitten* personal trainers will have their clients doing floor exercises right in the middle of the turf.
  • Etherlily1
    Etherlily1 Posts: 974 Member
    Excessive cologne/perfume. I get it; not many are in love with the smell of sweat. I am not talking about the average amount spritzing, but so much that I can still smell the person on the equipment or in the area after the person has left the area. For some people this can be a hazard for them to breathe in.
  • ritzvin
    ritzvin Posts: 2,860 Member
    Yep, what everyone else said:
    - not removing your weights from the barbells when you're done
    - not re-racking your weights (although I always leave a single pair of 2.5 lb plates neatly on the floor under the stacks at the squat bar - which don't include a 2.5 lb stack- so the next person who needs them won't have to walk over to another weight stack to get them).
    - racking weights (and dumbbells) on the wrong (and very clearly labeled) plate stack.
    - Tying up a piece of equipment while you fiddle with your phone or just sit/lie there or go off somewhere (barring a 1-2 minute grace period of rest between sets).
    - Claiming multiple highly sought after pieces of equipment while supersetting during busy gym time.

    I wouldn't mind people coming in late to class if I took classes. Most of us have these things called jobs and can't necessarily be there at work-day-just-ended-o'clock on the dot.

    I would probably ditch the gym with the kids. I went to the Y for a while, and they would run around the locker room like animals getting puddles of pool water everywhere. I had to bite my tongue to not make snarky comments everytime I got that phone call asking for donations to the school age child care program.
  • ImNancyLynn
    ImNancyLynn Posts: 36 Member
    Texting instead of using the macchine, or simply resting for wayyyy to long on a machine.... use a bench if you want to rest, i want to get it done and get out!
  • Adc7225
    Adc7225 Posts: 1,318 Member
    Talking on the phone, wearing a fragrance or NO deodorant and staring :|

    Yes, we all sweat but the no deodorant funk is a whole different kind of funk!!
  • KirbySmith46
    KirbySmith46 Posts: 198 Member
    The loud grunters!
  • RobertAdams0214
    RobertAdams0214 Posts: 4 Member
    Others talking for 20 minutes while leaning on a station you're waiting for & still claiming they're using it.... Shhhh
  • rlilly697
    rlilly697 Posts: 201 Member
    rlilly697 wrote: »
    rlilly697 wrote: »
    Dropping Dumb bells/Barbells and not re-racking them after use!
    Then there's the couples that pet n stroke each other in front of the mirrors and the people that spend more time sat on the phone or taking selfies than they do actually working out!!

    Blechh... heavy petting

    They have been seen to.....One will get on the rowing machine the other will straddle across it n they,ll kiss everytime the "rower" slides forward!?
    Or they,ll just take up the Low rower weights bench n face each other ?? :s

    Nooo please tell me not

    I,m afraid its true! the Lat pulldown machine is directly opposite the Low Row so You cant use it n spot in the mirror without having to look directly at them #VOM
  • Ironandwine69
    Ironandwine69 Posts: 2,432 Member
    nscrco64 wrote: »
    Texting instead of using the macchine, or simply resting for wayyyy to long on a machine.... use a bench if you want to rest, i want to get it done and get out!

    Rests depends on many things though. If they are resting for ten minutes I understand but sometimes people rest longer when they are going heavier.
    I agree though, I'm the same way. I want in and out the gym in preferably 45mins
  • Fitnessfaith7465
    Fitnessfaith7465 Posts: 22 Member
    On a treadmill and a guy who smells like they have not taken a bath in weeks gets on a treadmill next to you and you have to move to another one to have fresh air.
  • LilacSnow
    LilacSnow Posts: 238 Member
    edited June 2017
    When the cardio area is pretty much empty, and someone gets on the machine right next to you. It fills me with so much rage. I'll literally get off my machine and use another one. But I'm an asocial person, so. :)
  • ggracea
    ggracea Posts: 2 Member
    People who watch my whole work out or make rude/suggestive comments. There's a reason I go at 4.30 in the morning into the empty group fitness room now!
  • PackPariah
    PackPariah Posts: 75 Member
    The only one I have now is that one guy who wants to talk to everyone and hold up their routines. I'm sorry to hear about your surgery for but this conversation has been going on for 15 minutes now and I need to lift.

    When I first went into the gym the hole grunting and dropping weights use to annoy me, but I have gotten use to it. I figured some people are noisy when working out, kinda like sex. So whatever gets you gains. Also, some of my exercises I need to drop the weight because either I run the risk of hurting myself trying to put them down slowly so you feel comfortable or exercises like farmers walk I am going until I cannot hold the weights any longer (i.e. dropping the weights). But if I can put the weight down gently without hurting myself I will.

  • DrizztGirl82
    DrizztGirl82 Posts: 85 Member
    My biggest pet peeve is when there is someone just chilling so close to a machine that I cannot use it. There is a lobby in my gym, use it if you aren't working out!