Not counting fruits or veggies?

I've been on my diet about a month and a half and I'm seeing the progress I want. I've lost about 13-15 pounds. I've been counting all my calories except for watery veggies (not including potatoes and corn which are more starchy) and fruit. Is this bad? I don't eat more than two fruits a day generally and the veggies are usually a serving size and not in crazy amounts. It's always nice to have something you can eat without having to freak out about counting it. Something to reach for when you want a snack but don't want to sacrifice the calories you need for later.


  • Verity1111
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    It's fine! If your weight loss stalls, start logging your fruit and vegetables. Until then, don't worry about it. :smile:
  • Muana1005
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    Depends on the fruit and veg I guess. Bananas and mangoes are really calorific and can sabotague your diet if not properly accounted for, same with sweet potatoes, beans, and root veg. You need to count everything - initial weight loss is always a bit higher (and forgiving) when you're already overweight. But as you progress shifting weight gets more difficult.
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    Well be careful because fruit can have some surprises. Strawberries for instance or pineapple turned out to have more than I thought. And lima beans....yes I love lima beans... :)
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    If your consumption is pretty consistent it's fine, at least so long as you are losing. What's really happening is that you are aiming for a goal of (say) 1200, but the real goal is 1400 (again, or whatever, just an example), but 1400 is low enough to have you losing at a rapid rate. That's kind of like the WW thing with free fruit and veg, and so long as you don't start going nuts with bananas (or otherwise using it as an excuse to eat more) but are pretty consistent, it would be fine.

    I think people have their own reasons for not wanting to log things (or at all) so if it is working I won't say it's a bad idea.

    My personal view is that it's probably best to get over the idea that logging means "freaking out about counting something" and my own approach is to try to see logging as gathering information about my diet, and so I like logging vegetables (and fruit) because I like being able to look back and see what I ate and that my diet met my nutrition goals for the day. I also find it can be informative if I am struggling. I dislike the idea that logging must be all about keeping calories low and that adding calories is always a negative and that if you log veg you'd be less likely to eat them (not saying you said this, but it's an idea I've seen expressed).

    Also, I go through periods where I don't really log, so I'm not going to say it's necessary.
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    If you're losing at the expected weight without them, then keep doing it. Personally I log everything that has calories, including fruits and vegetables.
  • apullum
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    It's clearly working for you now, but it might stop working for you as you lose more weight and your calorie needs decrease. Not logging a 5 calorie serving of lettuce probably won't affect your weight loss, but not logging 200 calories of bananas is a different thing altogether. I'd recommend getting into the habit of logging everything.
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    Seems to be working for you at the moment, but as others have said - if your weight loss stalls you know where to look first.

    The other trouble I have with this (and you might not have it) is that at the moment I'm trying to get back on track and have been reviewing my diary from 2 years ago when I was losing very successfully. If it was missing all the veg I ate, I'd have more trouble replicating it. But as I said, that's my problem and you may never have it.