Fitbod app

So I've been using this, is anyone else? What do you think of it?


  • JazzDean
    JazzDean Posts: 2 Member
    I have and I absolutely love it! I just wish that it synced.
  • Rusty740
    Rusty740 Posts: 749 Member
    I tried it for a bit but then stayed with "Strong" and "Strongur". I do like the body heat maps fitbod gives though.
  • jyamiolk
    jyamiolk Posts: 37 Member
    I have been using it for three weeks now and like the work outs it gives you. I use it three days a week and am definitely getting DOMS. Working to failure on most exercises. Going to use it for a few months and then re evaluate my progress and go from there. Are you doing the push pull work outs or the full body? I have been using the full body work outs. I like how you can replace suggested exercises. I have had to do this a few times as the equipment was not available.