I'm on vacation and wanting to stick to my diet plan. My body however sees the food and prefers for me to eat all of it. Needless to say, eating out is hard. I guess I'm hoping for some encouragement to keep going even when it's hard. Its the first day and I'm on track but I'm afraid I'm on the edge of losing my place and not being able to get back again. This seems to happen every year when we go. I don't want it to happen again when I'm seeing such good progress.


  • cmriverside
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    Enjoy your vacation. It's just a week or two, right?

    I always eat whatever I want on vacation. I'm more active usually, so even if I'm up a couple pounds it always drops back off within a week of returning.

    I don't take calorie-counting on vacation with me.
  • spdaphne
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    I was just camping and I did well the first day, but I did what I could. I did indulge, but I got back on my eating (ok, still working on it but it's because I didn't have time to cook and feeling off this week).

    Do the best you can and get in your veggies. Try to portion out your food as you would normally. Eat less of the trigger foods that you want to go all out on.

    And move! Do the best you can even if it's walking.

    Good luck!