Fave You Tube exercise clips?

I'm not really doing any exercise currently (wanted to get my food right first!!!) but I really need to start.
I've decided that a You Tube video first thing in the morning would fit my current hectic lifestyle. 20min or so to start. BUT there's SOOOOOO many to choose from! So I'm looking for recommendations.
I was a dancer in my slimmer days and would love to get back to that, so a beginners Zumba or something dance-y would be great for me. Or- I've heard a lot of good things about Turbo Jam.... watched a couple of clips which looked like fun.

Thought I'd ask here for recommendations too.

Ready.... go! ;)


  • spicelysweet
    spicelysweet Posts: 2 Member
    Check out the total body project on youtube..they are fab
  • threesixten
    threesixten Posts: 134 Member
    Jessica Smith ftw
  • DancingMoosie
    DancingMoosie Posts: 8,619 Member
    Exercise tv or crunch... Jennifer Galardi
  • Leannep2201
    Leannep2201 Posts: 441 Member
    Exercise tv or crunch... Jennifer Galardi

    Love Jennifer Galardi's stuff.... thanks!!!
  • RaeBeeBaby
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    Jessica Smith TV and Yoga by Adrienne are my favorite YouTubers. I also just search for zumba and pick a couple workouts that look fun and fit my time schedule.

    Here's a 20 minute from Jessica Smith.

  • dutchandkiwi
    dutchandkiwi Posts: 1,389 Member
    I love FitSugar and fitnessblender
  • BethWilliams24
    BethWilliams24 Posts: 175 Member
    Blogilates is awesome if you're into Pilates style!
  • Amys712
    Amys712 Posts: 86 Member
    Dance routines by my hip hop instructor. Just search Nicholas Jacobs.
  • CaitlinMyers428
    CaitlinMyers428 Posts: 151 Member
    I second Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. She's fantastic! :)
  • archishaganguly23
    archishaganguly23 Posts: 6 Member
    I lost 42 pounds with the help of these YouTube channels:
    1) fitness Marshall (cardio hip-hop)
    2) fitness blender (HIIT , Strength training)
    3) blogilates (pilates)
    4) one-howto (zumba)
    5) Leslie sansone's walk at home(walking and strength training)
    6) yoga with Adrienne
    7) hasfit (strength training)
    And you can just Google zumba and dance!!
  • SylviazSpirit
    SylviazSpirit Posts: 694 Member
    LOVE turbo jam!!! But, it's kickboxing and not dancing. Still a great program!! Chalean is amazing! What kind of music do you like? Some dancy people on youtube: Club Fitz, Fitness Marshall, Dance fitness with Jessica, Keiara Lashae. Also, you can try out beachbodyondemand for 30 days free and it has a lot of amazing dance programs (Youv2, Cize, Rockin Body, Hip hop abs, Country Heat, etc... They also have the turbo Jam program :smile: )
  • TeaBea
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    Jessica Smith ftw


    Love Jessica Smith TV.

    I couldn't get into Turbo Jam.......so cheesy. Buy the DVDs used (E-Bay) or check your library.....it's an older program so you shouldn't need to pay the higher prices that "coaches" charge (commission).