School's Out for Summer!

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I am a teacher starting summer break. I need to focus on getting healthier- food and exercise. I would love some accountability friends on here that are looking to do the same. I also love fitbit challenges and would enjoy more Fitbit Friends, too ☺☺ My fitbit is ☺


  • mcart15
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    I too am looking for support. I am a FT teacher and hoping to have an amazing soul changing, life style change summer that can be continued into the school year.
  • InkAndApples
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    My summer holiday doesn't start for another 6 weeks :'( usually the holidays are a recipe for disaster for me as I'm waaaaay less active and my diet consists entirely of takeaway and lunchtime cocktails. I'm hoping that the momentum of the first half of the year can carry me through this time, I'll basically live at the gym! Good luck on your journey, I'm hugely jealous of your immense summer break!
  • Tabbycat00
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    Today is my first day of summer vacation! I'm super excited since I'm limited to the "mommy and me" (I'm the mommy, lol) classes at my gym which are only offered during the week and on Sunday so now I'll get more hard core gym time. I'm determined to have a six pack by my daughter's 2nd birthday. Feel free to add and happy summer.
  • lippygidg
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    I'm a preschool teacher .. although I do not have summers off as we open for summer camp. I am also looking to be healthier as the weather is nice and can be out and active again. I could use additional motivmotivation and support as well! ADD ME! Lets Rock this together!!
  • Dc_United305
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    Anyone can add me more support the better we can do this!!
  • sosteach
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    I am also a teacher. Feel free to add me if you want honest support. I am 30 pounds down and 70 to go!
  • GrayRider61
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    Add me. I'm a teacher and a former high school soccer coach.
  • katistill
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    I am also a teacher on summer break and need some fitness motivation.
  • paulawriteslove
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    I am getting my teaching credential. So I student teach, substitute teach, and go to night class. I am so happy it's summer! No more 5:00am workouts! My goal: to get 30-60 minutes of 'me time' per day. 'Me Time' can be anything that's healthy! Walking, stretching, workout, etc. Feel free to add me and happy summer!
  • krazy1sbk
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    I'm a teacher too, school's out Friday! Add me!