What can you eat on Metformin????

I just was put on Metformin to help with insulin resistance, trying to concieve and my reproductive endocrinologist thinks this is the issue. 1000mg a day is the goal but I wasn't a big eater before starting this pill so I was told to take 500mg lunch, and 500mg again with dinner if I eat dinner.
I have been so sick the last 3 days its not even funny. I was almost too sick to get through my entire shift on friday. And today I avoided eating anything other then a greek yogurt and some string cheese until 7pm when I got off work.
I've been doing research and trying to find food I can eat but so far everything is I might be able to eat it once and then the next time I get sick, with the exception of string cheese, hard boiled eggs, and greek yogurt. Those have been a pretty solid choice.

So I'm hoping someone who has been on this medicine can help me, what food should I be able to eat? How long am I going to feel like crap?

I did notice I am struggling to get protein is protein powder something I could safely put in a smoothie or something?


  • susanaq27
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    Take the pill at night after you eat.
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    maybe you are pregnant?
  • porcelanmermaid
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    maybe you are pregnant?

    I wish. Not ovulating though so its not possible.
  • allenic10
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    I was on Metformin for a bit as part of my PCOS management. It was making my blood sugar drop too low, which can make you feel sick. I would definitely let your doctor know!
  • hillaryflicka92
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    I tried metformin and eventually gave up.
    The BEST results I got were eating really low fat and id take my full dose at night before bed, and Id sleep through the worst.
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    Nausea is a common side effect of Metformin. It would be worth going back to your GP to see if they can change you onto the modified release version instead, which should help.
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    I take three per day for all the same reasons and I've found I feel ok on two per day but three makes me feel sickly. Definitely low fat meals and smaller portions. I enjoy cheese spread and crackers, fruits and cereals. Salmon, mince and bacon are the only meats I can stand when taking metformin.
    For the record I was told to stop taking it pre-ivf and fell naturally despite no cycles. There's hope x
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    The extended release version was/is so much easier on my stomach. Also, you really should take it with a meal. Part of your problem may be taking it on an "empty" stomach, imo.

    Hope you feel better soon. :)
  • rednote49
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    I was put on Met for my PCOS. It's more like what you should stay away from if you don't want the side effects. So anything greasy, high in sugar or fat is gonna keep ya in the toilet for quite a while. So besides those you're good to go :)
  • nvmomketo
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    Brand name Glucophage is sometimes easier on the stomach than generic metformin. It might be something to look into.

    Most will ease into it too. You may need to cut back for a time while getting used to it.

    The book Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution has a lot of info on metformin, as well as dietary information (low carb) to lower your blood glucose. Its a great book that I highly recommend.
  • michael1976_ca
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    I would talk to your dr I've never had a problem and i'm taking a high dose 500 in the morning 250 at lunch and another 500 at night.. I take it for type two diabetes. this just surprises me that others are having problem with it
  • loki912017
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    I just started Metformin for infertility as well. Check your blood sugar. I was feeling so ill and weak...my blood sugar was 80. It can make your sugar drop, especially for those of us who aren't diabetic.
  • WendyLeigh1119
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    I also take 1000 mg of Metformin daily along with Spironolactone for PCOS. I don't get any nausea from it, but it's really common and usually passes if you casn ride out the first month or so.

    The dizziness is a constant problem for me and makes workouts and balance harder. But you do get used to it. It's also OK to take it during the meal so that you don't get as nauseous.
  • porcelanmermaid
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    loki912017 wrote: »
    I just started Metformin for infertility as well. Check your blood sugar. I was feeling so ill and weak...my blood sugar was 80. It can make your sugar drop, especially for those of us who aren't diabetic.

    How do i check my blood sugar? I dont have a monitor.
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    Contact your doctor. What you are experiencing could be a reaction to the medication. There are other options.
  • naeemaahmed
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    hello, I am type 2 too. You may want to space out the tablets slightly more,

    500mg with breakfast
    500 with evening meal

    I take 1 in the morning and 1 at 5-6pm

    If you have just started on metformin it can take some time for your body to settle down with it some people report stomach aches and diarrhea. It will pass. (if it doesn't pass you can ask for the slower release version) which some people seem to do better with.

    In terms of what i eat, try and stay off things that are loaded with sugar or likely to spike your sugar high, Take a look at the glycimetric index, also try and eat some protein with any meal / carbs.

    I tend to find i feel ill if i don't eat for a long time, and also things that are high on the index, so high glucose items but also mangos and pineapples spike my sugar

    Regarding the meter this is the only way to measure your sugar level other then the full blood test the GP should send your bloods off for every 6 - 12 months , i dont know where you live, i am in the UK and i was lucky to get pins, strips and the meter from my GP, its worth asking, argue that you need it to measure what food spikes your sugar and how you react to it for better control .. if you dont know where it is you cant really get better control.

    In terms of protien powder you need to be careful as a lot are loaded with sweatners and carbs, the one i found without any of that is the unflavoured version of my protien whey. It doesnt spike your sugars like the res, but im afraid it does taste a bit plane .. but you do get used to it.

    I hope some of that helps, if you need any more info im happy to chat

  • Junebug22c1
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    Are you on metformin or metformin ER? I can not take the plain metformin. It causes me to have diarrhea so horribly bad. Totally unacceptable!!!!!! I stayed nauseous all the time.
  • naeemaahmed
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    i started off on metformin, but i couldn't settle down with it, i asked for the metformin slow release, it comes under a few names, SR or ER, slow release / extended release.
  • porcelanmermaid
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    Im on regular metformin. My next appointment i will ask about switching to ER if my stomach hasnt chilled out by then