Looked at an old photo, totally shocked!

minionofevil Posts: 79 Member
Weight loss is gradual, and I don't really notice any changes in the mirror.

I checked out an old photo of myself today, and did a side-by-side comparison of a recent photo.. I couldn't believe the difference!


*Note : I weighed the same in the left photo until i started on MFP. This photo was taken around 6wks after I had my son (at 34wks), it was taken 2days after his due date! the right was the other day, with my spankin' new glasses and lots of confidence!


  • Kassandra772
    Kassandra772 Posts: 52 Member
    Wow! You look great! Congratulations on your loss :)
  • br0hammer
    br0hammer Posts: 81 Member
    Awesome! Good for you!
  • xdieselx
    xdieselx Posts: 64 Member
    big difference! Great job!
  • maQmIgh
    maQmIgh Posts: 236 Member
    Wow!!! That is an emmense change. Well done :happy:
  • minionofevil
    minionofevil Posts: 79 Member
    Thank you everyone! Being 5'2, weighing 180 looked HORRIBLE on me. I was already 'heavy' before getting pregnant, but gaining 43lbs while pregnant didn't treat me so nicely.

    I feel great now though! I'm getting married in 6 days, and I feel amazing in my lovely dress, which i had to be taken in TWO sizes bc i bought it before starting mfp!
  • elkahallick
    elkahallick Posts: 1,138 Member
    Looking at that has got to make you feel good! Shows that hard work pays off
  • andysmom
    andysmom Posts: 61 Member
    Congrats on everything! Gaining a gorgeous baby, losing unwanted fat, and getting married! Awesome photos - you look great!
  • zombinaape
    zombinaape Posts: 24 Member
    Gorgeous transformation and congratulations!!!
  • kaseysospacey
    kaseysospacey Posts: 496 Member
    You really do look so much better
  • Congrats on the wedding and the weight loss! You look great!
  • GlitterrMagpie
    GlitterrMagpie Posts: 302 Member
    Well done! And Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, you are going to look stunning
  • jennz81
    jennz81 Posts: 194 Member
    You should be proud of yourself, you look great! :)
  • sapf
    sapf Posts: 146 Member
    Wonderful job!
  • Faery_Dust
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    You look amazing, what a change! Well done. Oh and congratulations on your up coming wedding, I hope you have a wonderful day x
  • cybersheel
    cybersheel Posts: 145 Member
    Congratulations on your weight loss and wedding! You look great.
  • jlzking
    jlzking Posts: 26 Member
    You look incredible!! man what a difference! Well done!
  • Avarindria
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    That's awesome!! :) Great job!
  • GlassSlipperGurl
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    You look fantastic. Congratualtions!