Looking a few more female friends like myself....

Hey There! I have been active on MFP since mid January and I have done well. I am looking to connect with others like me... women in their 40's trying to get healthier and in the process lose weight. I am 43, 5' 5.5" and my starting weight on Jan 11th was 260. My current weight is 190.4. My short term goal weight was 199 and I reached Onederland on May 10th! My next goal is to weigh less than my husband and I am not too far from there now. Maybe eight to nine pounds!! My long term goal is 175 <~~ Once there, I will re-evaluate and will likely set a new goal pending how I feel and what I think at that time. Right now I simply cannot imagine 175 because I have been so heavy for such a long time. I go to the gym a minimum of five times a week, usually more. I utilize MFP and weigh my food.

I have built some great friendships here, but would like a few more that are active daily on MFP & chatty. A like is noticed but real motivation comes when feedback is given. I am NOT a negative or every play must be by the book person... what works for one is not going to work for everyone.

Looking forward to starting a few new friendships...


  • Macy9336
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    Hi there. I am in my mid forties and am maintaining weight while trying to get healthier ( I am battling severe fatigue from a traumatic brain injury). I use MFP because I've never been so inactive in my life and I didn't want to get overweight. You're welcome to send me a friend invite if you'd like to.
  • ninamarietheresa
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    Hi - I am recovering from brain hemorrhage- and doin 1400 calorie diet pretty sedentary. Trying to keep potassium high. Good luck to you.
  • Sunshine6909
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    Hi. Im 45 & started 212lbs at the beginig of May. I lost a bit on my own & got stuck. This ia my 3rd week on MFP and am now 192lbs with a long way to go. Im a 5"1 female by the way. Have not been active but have kicked up the pace with walking & exercise at home. Your welcome to add me. :-)
  • marji1974
    marji1974 Posts: 59 Member
    Please feel free to add me. We can motivate and support each other.
  • texteach66
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    You can add me if you like. I'm 50 and I've been on MFP since January of 2016. I'm 5'3.5". I started at 267 and I'm now around 170. I started exercising in May 2016, and try for 5 days/week but don't always hit it. I like to walk (4 mph pace for the most part), though have begun to add some "running" when on the treadmill. I enjoy bike riding, but at most get to that once or twice a week (usually less). Lately I've started swimming and am really enjoying adding something new. I know I need to start lifting. I'm planning to add that in the next few weeks, by the end of July at the latest. My biggest victory lately is getting my BMI out of the obese range and into the overweight range!