Handicapped and weight loss

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Hi. I'm a 45 yr old female and I'm physically disabled. Excercise and workouts just aren't an option. Even walking is a challenge. Is there anyone else out there pushing to lose weight but suffering from a disability? Not being very mobile makes getting healthier so much more of a challenge.


  • Macy9336
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    I have several disabilities but don't think I am as physically affected as you are. I have extreme fatigue from a TBI. So I have trouble being active...some days it's impossible to get out of bed other days I can walk a bit or do yoga. I'm on MFP so I don't gain weight as I've never been under enforced inactivity like this.
  • Mitzigan94
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    I have muscle weakness from scoleosis and tm so my workouts are limited. Most of the time I walk, pedal on my desk cycling bike, stretches, squats and lift light weights. We can still loseweight as long as we follow the healthy calorie limit given to us by mfp.
  • fat2fit302015
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    I have syringomyelia so can't walk further than inside/around my flat. Sometimes wheelchair bound inside too but can't use outside due to upper boady difficulties too. Want to lose 60lbs. Yes it will be slower but certainly doable. I'm hopeful that it will improve my mobility. Only good thinmgs can happen if we try and the time will pass regardless of how slow we think the progress is.
  • BeingMomCa
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    I'm a blind wheelchair user (due to a spinal cord injury). I was also born with cerebral palsy, but it doesn't really affect me that much anymore since the paralysis. I'm making sure to log all of my calories, I work out as much as I can (seated zumba and workouts, modified rowing and I'm going to add in some weight training once I get some weights). I'm also a single Mom, so I spend a lot of time staying active by taking care of my 14-month-old daughter. Once I get my new wheelchair (my current chair is 10 yrs old and not really reliable because it's broken and literally falling apart) I will also be able to get outside more and burn extra calories that way. I think the trick is finding what works best for you through trial and error and sticking with it. I've lost 2.4 pounds over the past 9 days even though I'm doing my own version of things. Sure, it may be more difficult for us to lose the weight but just think of how good it will fell when we reach our goal knowing how much extra work we put in!