curious about the deadlift hungries

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this has been my third year of lifting, and over the most recent year i've noticed i don't get these anymore. used to be i could reliably deadlift, and then the whole next day would be like throwing kleenex into a volcano as far as the appetite went.

now i might feel a little dragged or a bit blah the next day if it was really heavy, but that particular kind of raging consuming hungry just doesn't happen. i kind of miss it.

i'm curious about the reasons. is it just an experience thing? in my hungry days i was doing either 5x5 or 3x5, and the change did coincide with me switching to wendler 5/3/1.


  • DopeItUp
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    Consider yourself lucky.
  • slaite1
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    I find I'm less hungry in direct correlation to specific lifts and generally just hungry overall. I still have lower hunger in lifting days and more hunger on rest days-but like you the raging deadlift (or running) death hunger has dissipated.

    I find the overall gnawing hunger more difficult to deal with actually