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So how much water weight can you lose realisticly in a week.
It's not that I want/need to I'm questioning my scale difference over a week or so.
I went on holiday for a week and drank beer/cider ate pizza, ice cream etc and I'm guessing way over my calories everyday (the only week I haven't logged), however I did A LOT of walking. I weighed when I came home (in the morning after the bathroom before food/drink intake) I'd gained 4lb. Now that was 4 days ago. I've weighed this morning and have lost that 4lb plus another 2lb. Scales are new so no battery problems, still on the same floor I always weigh. I'm just confused about the amount as that seems a lot of water weight and I'm under no illusions that it's fat loss lol I should be so lucky.
Anyways sorry for long post but any insights?


  • Nony_Mouse
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    Four lbs of water weight is totally believable. And I'd assume the other 2 lbs is actual fat loss. Presumably you walked enough to offset the additional calories. Weight loss isn't linear, bodies are weird, take the win and smile ;) (but don't assume you can do it on the regular!).
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    I agree with Nony_Mouse. Sounds like you managed to move enough to offset calorie intake. If there were flights involved, it could be more yet. Two years ago, it took about a week for it all to come off, but I had 15 lbs of water retention after my flights.
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    Water weight and whoosh. Totally normal! Sometimes the water sticks around longer depending on the reason your body is holding it. Gaining water weight is predictable, when it leaves is not so much.

    Happy to see you understanding that up front.
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    If I am off my diet for say a vacation, I can gain up to 20 pounds in that week. I will slowly lose it over the next week when I start back with a deficit.
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    Well I peaked at 10lb gained after a half marathon and then dropped that 10lb + 2lb more in 8 days, that's been my biggest water gain and loss.