Knee Advice w/Beachbody on Demand or Les Mils on Demand

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I have a bad right knee. I can work out. But some days it's more angry than other days. I'm interested in some of the on demand workout programs available to follow online from home. But, do they do a decent job of giving alternative moves for those with knee limitations?


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    'Bad' in what way?
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    Beachbody on demand offers modification in most of their programs.

    I don't know about Les Mills on Demand, but I take Les Mills classes in person and all the instructors offer modifications, so I have to believe that the on Demand would have the same modifications.
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    sent you a longer message, but yeah, they can all be modified
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    Is it an injury that needs to heal or something chronic like arthritis? When I was having knee pain(most likely tendonitis) I got a copper sleeve to help aid in recovery, but kept up with my workouts​. Workouts like Turbo Jam show low impact options, and PiYo also has modified, but insanity would probably be too much.
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    I'll give you my experience with Beachbody. I'm a fan of Tony Horton I've done 10 minute trainer the old P90 the new P90 and multiple rounds of P90X.

    I'll give you my perspective 56 year old male double hip replacement and arthritic knee and an arthritic shoulder that eventually need to be replaced. Yes any exercise can be modified to fit your issues. Being totally honest with you I can't do some of the P90X moves because of my joint issues I either try them and if I can do them I try to modify them and if I can't modify him I either skip it or try something else. Tony Horton has a simple philosophy which I absolutely loveperiod he says do your best and forget the rest

    I'll give you hope. In his Plyometrics which is Jump exercise he has a spinning 180 jump turn. two years ago I thought it was crazy so I shuffled my feet. Now I can do multiple 360 spins. Of course I don't do it on a hard floor I do it on a padded mat at the gym which absorbs the shockperiod and this is coming from somebody with a double hip replacement and an arthritic knee that needs to be replaced good luck don't let your knee Place limitations on you. My only suggestion is depending on the state of your knee talk to your orthopedist or a physical therapist to get a workout routine
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    The Insanity Max30 modifier track was the first program I completed after finishing PT for a torn meniscus. It was still a challenging workout with great results.
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    I know this is an old question, but I'm posting for anyone who is looking for info, since I've worked through a few services so far. I loved Les Mills on demand, but it didn't work for my knee and hip issues. They're not serious about showing a modifier for their main fitness programs. When there is one you can barely see them, and there often isn't a modifier. They also strongly encourage people to push past and through pain, which might work when you're 20 and healthy, but not so much for my situation. I ended up getting very discouraged. The music is great, though, and the trainers are very inspiring, if you can do it without injury.

    There's another service called Team Body Project that has a specific low impact track. They have a lot of intro workouts on YouTube that you could check out. I like them a lot, and even though the workouts are low impact I do work up a sweat. One thing that kind of throws me about TBT, though is that while their workouts are set to music, many are not necessarily on the beat. For whatever reason, I also could not get their channel to load on my Roku 3.

    I'll try Beachbody on demand next.