What is the most accurate fitness tracker?

I've heard bad things about the fitbit, so can anyone offer me some help! Thankyou


  • MeanderingMammal
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    Accuracy depends very much on what type of activity you do, and what your background behaviour is like.

    What do you want to gain from having an activity tracker, what sort of training do you do and what type of work do you do?

    Anyone giving you a random recommendation is no better than throwing a die to make a decision.
  • Lizarking
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    Caliorometers (sp) via mask, or chamber for long term. Anything less is honestly just a big flippin guess.

    when in doubt, go with the lowest number.
  • RhiAndy11
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    I read through thousands of reviews to find the fitness tracker best suited for me. it would seem no matter which one you choose they have their faults so i ended up writing a pros and cons list and went with the one that had the least cons or the least important cons. i have the garmin vivosmart hr+ it has built in gps (my activity is running and i like to track my distance) and it finds your location very quickly-withing 5 seconds. the steps are as accurate as you can get from a device you wear on your wrist. it also tracls your calorie burning and is more accurate than some as it uses your heart rate too.
    i work night shifts and it doesnt seem to know that im sleeping when i sleep outside of normal bed time. but when i sleep actually at night it seems like it tracks my sleep well. but i only look at my sleep out of curiosity. its not important to me. i have linked the garmin app with my fitness pal and strava too and thats really useful!
  • jennybearlv
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    Unless I have the elusive fast metabolism my Garmin greatly underestimates everything I do. I've had a Vivofit, a Vivoactive, and currently a Fénix 3. I suppose they have been good for my weight loss, but will probably be quite frustrating once I hit maintenance.