How to stick to cutoff time when eating at night?



  • nevadavis1
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    For me I only eat at the table. If it's late at night and I'm starving I'll get a small low calorie snack and eat it at the table. I sit on the couch to watch tv and one or both dogs get onto my lap, so I can't eat on couch. If it's late and I'm not so much feeling physical hunger as just "I'd really like to eat" then I go ahead and brush my teeth and use mouthwash (so anything will taste funny anyway) and then get ready for bed and go to bed. Of course I get up incredibly early so it's easier for me to cut my nights short.
  • cwolfman13
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    Honestly, I'm the worst at this. I eat late at night when I shouldn't.. it doesn't seem to be affecting me, but everyone recommends a cut off time. What time do you stop( And how do you stick to it?

    There is no magical cutoff time. People use things like "don't eat after X 'oclock" or no carbs in the evening, etc as ways to help create a calorie deficit outside of counting calories...they're simply methods of controlling calories...there's nothing else magical about it.

    I eat dinner every night around 8:30 issues here. I do not eat starches/grains with dinner when I'm cutting weight...but I don't log, and it's just an easy way for me to control calories.