Tough Mudder for chubsters?

gkirbyw Posts: 15 Member
Hi all,

My company wants to sign me up for Tough Mudder this year and I am like W.T.F?!?!?!

I can't run 5k, I can't do the monkey bars, and I am terrified.

Have any unfit/overweight people done Tough Mudder before? Is it possible to do?

How should I train for it?


:):):) xxx


  • Aprilstar480
    Aprilstar480 Posts: 2,886 Member
    Do it! You will love it! Mud Runs are not just for the fast and fit. They are for anyone courageous enough to challenge themselves! I was nervous my first time but quickly found out that the majority of people participating were just there for the fun of it. I had strangers giving me tips on how to not get stuck (stay on your toes) and helping to pull me over mounds of mud! Body weight doesn't determine your ability... it's heart and will power that will get you through to the finish line. Sign up, you've got this :)