so frustrated, and unmotivated.

My weightloss has definitely slowed down since I started this journey, which is totally okay because I lost 20 pounds my first month. But i've been doing this journey for a little over a month, and it feels like i'm not losing anything. i don't weigh myself everyday, but when i do step on the scale, i pretty much have stayed the same in weight, since hitting the 190's. I don't know what to do, I stick to my meal plan (I'm doing Jenny Craig) and I workout for an hour six days a week, mostly cardio, because i'm like a lost puppy when it comes to weight lifting and am clueless of what I should be doing. I also feel like i'm retaining a lot of water, I drink a little over 80oz of what a day. so i really have no idea what i could be doing wrong. HELP?!?!?


  • janjunie
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    The only thing I see that's wrong is impatience on your part. Your weight loss may have stalled because you introduced exercise, which can cause temporary water retention.
  • Blitzia
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    I'm confused. You say you lost 20 pounds in a month and you've been doing this "a little over a month" - how exactly is that a stall? If you've been dieting for say 6 weeks and you've lost 20 pounds total, that's more than three pounds per week. 3 pounds per week is actually way too dramatic to sustain long term, so it's actually a good thing if your weight loss slows down.

    You shouldn't aim to lose more than 1% of your body weight per week, and when/if you have less than 20 lbs to lose, you shouldn't aim to lose much faster than half a pound per week. Your weight loss won't be linear. You'll have a week where the scale goes down 1 pound every couple of days and then you might have two or three weeks where the scale doesn't move at all. I recommend patience and consider tracking your weight more regularly. If you use an app like Libra to track your weight, it can show you that your weight is trending down even when it feels like you're stuck.
  • PattyG327
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    Add some simple body exercises, like squats, pushups, etc. Search for those exercises and add to your workout. Best of success to you.
  • Luna3386
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    You need patience. You've lost 20 pounds in a month. It took me 6 months to lose 20 pounds.