Sweatin with the oldies

astartig Posts: 549 Member
I feel like such a dork for buying this.. But I remember doing this work out with my grandmother in the early 80's when he was still on the air. So goofy but at the same time it did make working out seem like fun.

I got these to do in the mornings.

I feel like this is a dirty little secret somehow. LOL. Secret weight loss shame. But dang Something about his approach to it all is so approachable, unlike these super serious weight trainers that feel like they are judging you at every point.

in the early 90's I used to watch this super low budget yoga chick. I've never been able to find her again but she was the same way. She made sense, it was approachable and she really explained how to do it right. I was SOOO toned after following her tv show for a few months.