Usually determined but really struggling with motivation... feeling a bit crap :-(

I am usually really good and stick to my diet and exercise regular but recently I have put around a stone and a half on, stopped going to the gym (nobody to go with) and I'm eating really badly and can't seem to stop myself. I'm stuck in a rut and I can't pull myself out. Anyone else been through this and have any tricks for motivation.


  • Luna3386
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    What is the next best choice you can make? Start there.
  • AliNouveau
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    This happens to me often. To get out of the rut I force myself to workout and after a few days it becomes habit. Also with the eating are you logging? seeing it all written out is enough to make me change my wild ways
  • jcummings6
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    I've been kind of going through this the past 2 weeks, well I'm still exercising but I've been "cheating" with food. I often eat things and don't log them or I start justifying it's ok to eat x amount of something. I have to be careful with my self talk and sometimes I need to check in with my emotional state before I eat something. If I'm struggling with a worry sometimes I convince myself I'm hungry, this is usually the time I need to work out instead of eat. Or at least chug some water instead.

    Reviewing why I want to lose weight and searching progress pictures usually helps refocus me too!
  • dillydaisys
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    Reading through this forum has really helped me. It's inspired me to keep going. Reading that others are struggling too and I'm not the only one. I'm on to my 10th day of starting again and I've usually fallen back into bad habits after only a couple of days. I'm proud I've gotten this far but slightly scared I'll fall back. Be proud of what you've achieved and know if you've done it before you can do it again. Don't be so hard on yourself and you can get over this hurdle. I'm going shopping for a new workout shirt today as a reward.
  • triciaperseveres
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    I'm feeling this so much. Is there any chance that you're depressed or have recently experienced some added stress in your life? I think bodies ebb and flow and most of it can be traced back to something that needs tweaking, though not always. Personally, I go through cycles of feeling down when I experience the stress of a breakup or financial issues. When I'm down, I feel lethargic and foggy...and my instinct is to eat comfort food or quick energy things like sugar or increase my alcohol...of course, that just exacerbates the lethargy and fog. My solution? Up the water intake. Cut out the alcohol and do my best to get rid of the sugars (processed) at the same time that I do a little extra self care. A hot bath with all the trimmings, a walk on a nature trail or by the sea (anything outdoors helps), even some time splurging on a beautiful latte with a friend. Then I start making healthier choices about my diet, which leads to making healthier choices about my exercise. In no time, I'm back on track.
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    I can't give you any advice, but I can sympathise so much. I lost 32 pounds on here a year or so ago. Then I quit smoking, piled on 28 pounds and am now struggling big time to get my mojo back.

    I keep logging (mostly) I forgive myself for some of my overeating but berate myself at other times. I have tried going back to basics. Wipe the slate clean and begin again with new goals, I have lost 9 pounds but that has taken me 8 months so not brilliant. But I am not quitting, I will keep going.

    Go and look at the success stories, look at what those people have had to overcome to reach their goals. We both know that at some point they lapsed, they had bad days/weeks/months, but they got back to it, that is the important thing.

    You know what you have to do (as do I ) Get back to it. No one can do it for you. You make the choices about what you put in your mouth. You make the choice to not exercise. Only you.

    But we are here for you. We feel for you. We know what it is like. You are not alone. Good luck xx
  • ElleHeart22
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    review why you want to reach your goals. Think of the things you can do when you reach them, whether it's more confidence in yourself, or the ability to do something active you haven't been able to.. either way, remember why you want it and take the steps to reach it. Remember that it'll be worth it. Watch Chris Pratt healthy videos on YouTube where he is making fun of health food, and making it easier to believe that even celebrities wanna snap their fingers and get rid of the weight.
  • Autumn_Row
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    I feel you! (My current situation as well)

    Would you care to be accountability buddies?
    Perhaps we could motivate each other to hit the gym!

    I agree with the previous is full of ebbs/flows.
    We just need to get back on track and start the journey
    ...remind ourselves why we want to be healthier and the best versions of ourselves.

  • JeanieWww
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    I've been struggling too. Work has increased greatly, so has my amount of activity, and I was stuck for 2 months. Then I lost 5 and I'm stuck again. *sigh*
  • ValkyrieOnline
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    Hey buddy!!
    I have been feeling like a bag of skcid [read it backwards :tongue: ] and I lost 8ish pounds and gained back 4 within the span of two weeks.
    Life is hard, it seems like nothing pays off, but it does :smile: !!
    Just remember that some days are going to suck slab and tomorrow is a new day! Baby steps! Maybe try counting calories tonight to prepare for tomorrow, and go for a small tiny walk even if it is just around the block or something! You can do this and in a few weeks your stone & a half will be bannnisheddd! :heart: I believe in ya!
  • fiddletime
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    Throw out the junk food in your house and commit to logging and being under for 3 days. If you need a 200 cal over day on the 4th day, have something you like. The do another 3 days. I find that when I derail, I need about 3 days to get back in the groove. Since I seem to derail often, my weight loss journey is a series of two steps forward and one step backwards. As long as it isn't 3 steps backwards...!!