What is the deal with avocados?

I know avocados are all the rage. I feel like I am the only person out there who doesn't love them!


  • RuNaRoUnDaFiEld
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    Nope, I'm with you. I don't even like them let alone love them!
  • MsHarryWinston
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    I've never liked them, I grew up hating guacamole. Seriously the only reason i bought avocados was for making soap. (I make luxurious soap from scratch).
    But I've found that I love using them for baking now. I make a super moist mug cake with a mix of avocado and applesauce.
    And I'll eat guacamole when it's in 7 layer dip. Other than that, I don't do avocado.
  • Julianne3155
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    Making soap from scratch? That sounds amazing. Im sure Its better than any soap you can find at the store! Never thought of using avocado for baking. Sounds interesting!
  • Julianne3155
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    The soap making really interests me! The only soap my skin was ever able to handle was dove. But my facial skin Is so oily! Especially now that it's summer. Would you be able to make something for greasy skin? Lol. Have you ever considered selling your soap? I also have a 13 year old son who is super active. He takes 2 showers a day and he goes through soap like crazy
  • Old_Cat_Lady
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    $$$ I have no idea why something that grows on a tree and is picked easily costs $1.68 each.
    The government subsidizes corn, wheat, and soybeans. Why not apples and broccoli?
  • jgnatca
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    I don't do avocados. They are a nice source of good fats though.
  • junodog1
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    I started eating avocados with a spoon out of the skin when I was in kindergarten in the 60s. Still at it. So much Yum.
  • RenaTX
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    I love avocados and probably eat them daily. To each their own. My husband doesn't like them.
  • lemurcat12
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    I love them. I assume they are expensive because I am in Chicago, not California, so they aren't local or even close.

    I'm going to try making some avocado ice cream this week (been experimenting with my ice cream maker.)

    Mostly just posting to say that I can't help but read the first post as if it were being said by Jerry Seinfeld, even in 2017. This is disturbing.
  • cangler
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    I used to not like the taste of them but now love them, as many foods ive grown to appreciate.
  • fitoverfortymom
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    I'm pretty neutral about them. I love guacamole, but could pass on avocado otherwise. There are better things I enjoy with my calories.
  • MelissaPhippsFeagins
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    I love them. My husband is allergic to them. He loves coconuts. I am allergic to those. They are both all the rage right now, but neither is more magical than any other fruit.
  • tcunbeliever
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    Love avocados, trying to grow my own indoors so I can get good and ripe ones...so hard to find a good one in the stores...<sigh>
  • whitpauly
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    Hate avacodos! No guac for me either yuck
  • rainbow198
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    I was always indifferent to avocados. Then I learned to like them for the nutrients and the healthy fats.

    Avocado toast changed the game for me. Mashing one up, adding seasonings and topping it off with a sunny side up egg and a couple of slices of tomato on rye bread that is slightly toasted is so yummy to me. Plus it keeps me full for a long time.

    My local farmers market has much better prices compared to the grocery store. I currently get 3 small ones for $0.75 or 3 medium ones for a dollar. They are ripe though, but I learned how to preserve them.
  • work_on_it
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    Seriously the only reason i bought avocados was for making soap. (I make luxurious soap from scratch).

    The first rule about fight club...