20lbs Down - Getting closer to my goal w/ Picture

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This is my second big weight loss journey. In 2011/2012, I went from 215 lbs to 130lbs. I had some ups and downs in between but after a complete bedrest pregnancy in 2016, I found myself at 191lbs after delivery. This was different than previous weight loss because I could no longer run 4miles ; 4 times a week from an injury. So I sought the help of a trainer to use other exercise methods. Frankly, I needed it , because I found the lack of strength after the 9 months of bedrest embarrasing and unreal. When I started I couldnt do one full situp, I did pushups on my knees , i felt like death after only 20 squats. It was bad. A year later using strength training , I've only lost 20lbs but I have gained some much other NSV's. I can deadlift 135lbs, I can do 60 full situps in a workout circuit, I can do push ups on my toes !!! I use 17.5lb hand weights opposed to struggling with 5lb/8lbs. Ive seen my endurance/flexibility/strength ALL take a 360. Now I am working on my eating and dropping the last set of fat. But progree is being made slowly but surely !5oj1sxfl4zli.jpg

SW 191LB ; Pants size 14
CW 170LB ; Pant size 8/10
GW 145LB ; Pant size 6
HT 5ft 4in
Age 29


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    Keep up the great work!!! You've done amazing! I've been wearing a boot on my leg for the past 5 weeks due to a torn tendon in my ankle and am amazed at the muscle and balance I have lost in that leg in just that short amount of time. I can only imagine what bedrest for 9 months does to your body! You may feel like progress is slow but slow and steady wins the race. Don't give up!
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    Great job. x
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