Saturday is International Chicken Wing Day. How will you celebrate?

Old_Cat_Lady Posts: 1,193 Member
Not national chicken wing day BUT International
Saturday July 1 . 30 billion are eaten a year. Will you be a consumer on that celebration day?


  • Sara2652
    Sara2652 Posts: 158 Member
    Perfect an excuse to plan for some wings!! I'm a total sucker for buffalo chicken wings. I did have roasted chickpeas with franks hot sauce and topped with a little blue cheese and it was actually pretty good.
  • Mike_take2
    Mike_take2 Posts: 2,150 Member
    Chase a 12 peice buffalo with a slice or 2 of pepperoni and extra cheese
  • beagletracks
    beagletracks Posts: 6,035 Member
  • angelxsss
    angelxsss Posts: 2,402 Member
    By not eating chicken wings
  • Momepro
    Momepro Posts: 1,509 Member
    Oooh! WingStop excuse!
  • mcafton
    mcafton Posts: 190 Member
    I may have some boneless wings. lots of calories though. so good!
  • Caporegiem
    Caporegiem Posts: 4,297 Member
    Who makes the call on what days are national/international food days? Is there an actual committee?
  • vikinglander
    vikinglander Posts: 1,547 Member
    Never been a fan of wings...too stringy...nasty tendons, not enough meat. I'll take boneless white meat strips in hot sauce and bleu cheese, though.
  • Miz_T
    Miz_T Posts: 150 Member
    Looks like wangs for me!