Looking other ladies like myself...

Hey There! I have been active on MFP since mid January and I have done well. I am looking to connect with others like me, women trying to get healthier and in the process of losing weight. I am 43, 5' 5.5" and my starting weight on Jan 11th was 260. My current weight is 182.4. My short term goal weight was 199 and I reached Onederland on May 10th! My next goal is to weigh less than my husband and I should hit that goal any day now since we have been weighing the exact same for a couple of days. My long term goal was 175, but I may be changing it to 160. I am only a little over 7 lbs from the 175 and I already know I will want to go further than that. I go to the gym a minimum of four times a week and often, more. I utilize MFP daily, logging my food & exercise as well as interacting with my friends.

I would love to build a few more friendships here. Need you to be active, log daily & chatty!

This is a change I have made in my life and I'd like to add some like minded women to continue this journey with me.


  • ttedeski
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    Hi ChelleDee. Congratulations to you! Wonderful job over the past six months. I started about a month and a half ago and am starting to notice a difference in the way my clothes feel (they are looser!) so I'm excited to finally see some progress. My loss will be quite slow. I have decided to forego all diets and just eat healthy, log what I eat and cut down on portions. My hope is that this way, my weight will come off and stay off.
    I cannot be on every day but enjoyed your post and wanted to say hello and congratulate you.
  • AliNouveau
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    Holy smokes you've done amazingly well way to go. Feels good to accomplish something like you've done. Way to go.
  • lilligraz22
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    Hi. Great job so far
  • debbiesteinman
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    Hi ChelleDee. I must say you've done an awesome job so far WOWZERS! You keep on going!! You are inspiring many of us women feeling that the battle of the bulge cannot be won. You are proof it can be conquered. I bet you are breathing better and have more energy now. I lost 25 pounds and gained 20 pounds of muscle and feel stronger than I have ever been. Just keep up the great job as the benefits are so worth it. MFP has been my daily buddy to battle the bulge. Nice job!
  • bikecheryl
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    Hi ! I love your spirit and dedication to a healthy & active life style!
    You've done an awesome job - it's very inspiring and motivating.

    I'm 57 & I've been on MFP since April, starting at 288 lbs and am currently 255 lbs.

    I have been down this road before, losing 105 lbs in 2004.
    Tracking calories and running were the keys to my success back then.

    However I've since developed severe arthritis in both knees.
    Limited mobility, pain & depression aided in those lost lbs coming back.
    I am now scheduled for a knee replacement this coming winter and have rededicated myself to getting back
    control of my life.

    So far so good....lol.

    Like you, I'd love to connect with like minded people !

  • trixsey1
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    Hi everyone, still quite new here and only found this site just over a week ago, and still finding my way around.
    I've recently signed up to a couple of July challenges, hopefully these will motivate me and encourage me to continue with my weight loss journey and make new friends along the way.

    A piled the weight on after my folks passed away just a few years of each other, I also lost my beloved dog shortly after too and I didn't leave the house in over a year, due to grief and depression.

    I got my act together when I got a new dog and since then I have become more active. I started off talking long walks then I got into doing workouts following some youtube videos then decided to buy a couple of workout dvds.

    It's a few years on since then, and my weight has bounced around a bit due to my lifestyle and illness which knocked me off my feet last winter.

    I am now over it and started jogging, I jog for 40mins each morning, take my dogs a walk (I have 2 soggy-nosed friends now) for no less than a hour each day (weather permitting) and I recently purchased a vibrapower slim machine which I use for 10mins each day too.

    Since started MyFitnessPal last Monday (19th June) and logging in my calories, I have lost 1 kg (2 pounds) - well it's a start, lol!

    I'm 11 stone now (69.8kg / 154lbs).

    I started out at 13 stone / 83kg / 183lbs before I begun the workouts and started getting out more and would love to lose another 2 stone - to see 9 stone (57kg / 125lbs) will truly be an accomplishment!.
    It's a journey that will take some hard work and dedication, but being here, I know I'm not on my own!