Which belief or beliefs have held you back from health/fitness goals in the past?

For example when I believe that weight is tied to my self-worth, I either yo-yo diet or go in denial about how unhealthy I am/look. I have to confront and overcome that belief to see results.

What do you feel holds/held you back from achieving your health goals?


  • estherdragonbat
    estherdragonbat Posts: 5,285 Member
    I used to think that eating any rich/fattening food would immediately scuttle any progress I'd made during the week.
  • Lourdesong
    Lourdesong Posts: 1,492 Member
    That science was on the verge of solving the obesity problem with some silver bullet, whether it be a pill or discovering that a certain common ingredient in foods was the culprit, or whatever. Some solution other than eat less, move more. I had hoped, anyway.
  • dutchandkiwi
    dutchandkiwi Posts: 1,389 Member
    I believed I was genetically not blessed with fitness genes and that because my legs/thighs/bottom were big I simply was not cut out to exercise. Plus you know allergies meant I could not run hike etc.

    I also believed I did not overeat and that I got bigger just on air. I know now I was somewhat delusional a about what wind I was taking in
  • RuNaRoUnDaFiEld
    RuNaRoUnDaFiEld Posts: 5,864 Member
    That I needed to not do a thing on rest days. Now I walk 5 miles or cycle 20 miles on my running rest days.
  • JeromeBarry1
    JeromeBarry1 Posts: 10,182 Member
    It is obvious that the thing which held me back was a smug satisfaction that I could sit all day, maintain 270 lb, and only experience the deleterious effects of high blood pressure which was managed with only the smallest, cheapest dose of lisinopril. When my doctor informed me that those deleterious effects of maintaining 270 had grown into bad cholesterol numbers, I finally awoke to the need to lose weight and exercise.
  • timtam163
    timtam163 Posts: 500 Member
    I know that, really, it is not about how I look. It's about how it FEELS to be well: light, fit, less pain, comfortable. So whoever sees me or doesn't is truly irrelevant because I am working on my goals to achieve a state of wellness, and looks are secondary.

    This one is SO hard to let go of,. Society encourages expressing shallowness rather than changing it, and normalizes tuning out your body's signals instead of tuning in. The internal work of health is so important.

    As for "why bother"... YES. If you only value yourself for how you think others see you, it holds you back from making changes that others don't see. It's great to get validation from others sometimes, but (cheesy i know) it's important to validate yourself.

  • kyubeans
    kyubeans Posts: 135 Member
    This thought held me back for the past five years: I'm meant to be this size and shape, and I should just love myself this way and there's no need for me to change.

    I'm sure there are people for whom that is actually true, but it wasn't true for me. I was over-eating and unhealthy, and using this thought to mask how unhappy I really was.
  • vnb_208
    vnb_208 Posts: 1,359 Member
    Loose skin held me back for years ! Now I'm just embracing the best I can I rather be healthy with loose skin than morbidly obese again!
  • __TMac__
    __TMac__ Posts: 1,665 Member
    I believed that my emotional state was inextricably linked to food. Sad? Eat. Stressed? Eat. Angry? Eat. Now I can see that they don't have to be linked. I find that exercise actually improves, instead of masks, my mental state. Food is a way to treat myself well -- for short-term fueling, satisfaction and satiety, and long-term health.
  • Heather4448
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    Sheer ignorance. Yup.
  • Momepro
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    Cookies are yummy. As is icecream. And pizza. And cake with lots of frosting. And pineapple upside down cake...