There is no magic formula, that's the magic of MFP

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Hey everyone I hope you're all doing awesome. Something I wanted to address: scams out there trying to teach you how to "optimize, use, hack" or otherwise use Myfitnesspal.

It seems people are catching on that self education and responsibility are now in fashion. Everyday more and more users are coming to Myfitnesspal to learn, track, and lose!

This is awesome but means there are going to be more and more scams on the market trying to profit off an otherwise free platform.

An example of what I'm talking about (WARNING SCAM):

This is the fifth or six scam I've seen recently claiming to show you the secrets of how to use MFP. I want to let you the average member of MFP know... there is no secret. There is no Tetris, fat loss matrix, or any other fancy name you can think of.

Have a question on how to use MFP optimally? Ask it here, I'll answer it for free.

P.S. For the love of god people call these scammers out when you can and continue to come to the MFP forums to help newbies even when your goals have been met. No one deserves to fall for this nonsense.



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    Wow that is so true. I was actually going to make a post about this too, but you explained it better than i can probably ,so i won't.
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    What scares me about these scams is they're so prolific, which indicates people fall for them enough to make them worth running.
  • rainbowbow
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    What scares me about these scams is they're so prolific, which indicates people fall for them enough to make them worth running.

    I know and that's so sad. It's just so frustrating that a haven for individuals to finally stop perpetuating woo becomes a platform for people to make up woo about. blows my mind.
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    Wow. That's frustrating. I hadn't seen this. Thank you for sharing.
  • rainbowbow
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    bumping for visibility. :)
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    Good post.
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    But Macro-Tetris sounds just so..... woo!

    I had never seen any of these ads. Let me guess how they work. Calorie control for weight control and working out properly for muscle growth?

    It is a bummer that the scammers will always try to cash in on something so simple by complicating it for the people that could probably really benefit quicker from the simple version.

    Anyone up for a game of micronutrient chess? :wink:
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    Thanks @rainbowbow - great post.

    @Alex what's the official position on "MFP secrets" like in the OP?
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    Wow. I had no idea. :#
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    People are so desperate for a quick fix to weight loss which is why these scammers can be succesful
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    In for a 'sticky'

    Never seen any of these 'magic' MFP site adds. Great post.

    Cheers, h.