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What Keeps Me Going

kyubeanskyubeans Member Posts: 135 Member Member Posts: 135 Member
I learned a few motivational tips from posts like this, and thought it might be helpful to me and others to see what everyone does to keep motivated. Especially with 4th of July coming up for me, I'm allowing indulgences but tracking everything... The trouble is, sometimes it's hard to get back into the swing of things after allowing some indulgences... What do you use to stay motivated? Maybe I'll pick up another helpful tip!

My List of Reasons: I keep a very honest list of reasons I want to lose weight on my phone and I check it occasionally, so I can remember that these things are more important to me than THAT particular cookie/pizza/donut. (Got this one from YouTube WL gurus!)

My No Unplanned Indulgences Rule: I can eat whatever I want, so I'm not feeling deprived. But I can't eat it WHENever I want. It has to be planned, tracked, and part of my week's strategy. That way there's no guilt or feeling of failure ruining my meal. And there's no self-sabotage (or less, anyway).

Planning Meals Ahead: When I can, especially when I'm going to a restaurant but even when we're staying in, I'll track my meal ahead of time. Sometimes, just knowing what I INTENDED to eat helps me when I'm faced with the menu full of choices. Also, sometimes tracking what I WANTED to eat ahead of time shows me the calorie-bang-for-your-buck and makes me choose better in the moment.

Accountability w/ my Doctor: I told my doctor two weeks ago about this whole thing. Calorie restriction, my plan for weight loss and eating, etc. He took me off of my blood sugar medication after a successful normal A1C, and told me to check back in in 6 months. Well, in 6 months I want to show up at my doctor's office having MADE PROGRESS. And also get another normal A1C.

What keeps you motivated?


  • 92joann92joann Member Posts: 67 Member Member Posts: 67 Member
    I've not long finished my degree, so part of my motivation is to make sure my physical appearance doesn't become an obstacle when looking for work! I want to work in a school with kids who have additional needs and don't want to be assumed as physically incapable in such a demanding line of work. That and I'm just sick of being fat, it genuinely is the only thing wrong in my life and no one can fix it but me :)
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