Unable to log 600 cals for one day. Doing the 5:2 diet.

Hi everyone. Myfitnesspal did not allow me to log max 600 cals per day. I just started with the unique 5:2 diet. Got popup thats not correct i.e. healthy to log less than 1,200 cals for men. Any truth in this? Maybe Myfitnesspal should go read this objective thread for example. https://authoritynutrition.com/the-5-2-diet-guide/ Any similar experiences guys? The pros and cons explained here for example: http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/11/30/everything-you-want-to-know-about-the-5-2-diet_a_21615200/


  • malibu927
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    You can log it, you just can't complete your diary for the day. The warning isn't in your case, it's for those who want to eat 600 calories EVERY day, which is obviously unhealthy. And the only thing completing your diary does is give you the 5-week loss projection, which in your case will be wildly inaccurate.
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    If you want to do 5:2, do whatever you want. If you don't want that warning to pop up just don't hit the button to close your diary.
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    You can log; you just can't close out your diary.

    MFP is cautious on this one because they don't want to be seen as encouraging eating disorders. As I understand it, someone not doing 5:2 but just trying to eat under 1,000 calories each day could be motivated to cut their intake further when they see the "In 5 weeks, you will weigh X" message.

    It's actually not healthy for men to eat fewer than 1500 calories/day on average. MFP allows you to close out at 1200. If you're doing 5:2, then chances are, your weekly calorie total averages out to 1500 or more. If that's working for you, then you can still record your food. You just won't be able to close your diary on the low-calorie days.
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    1) the pop up is to discourage people from using the app/site to fuel their eating disorder, if this is not you, ignore it

    2) you can still log, just not complete the day, this will effect your losses by absolutely nothing

    3) authority nutrition is neither objective nor an authority
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    Closing out your diary doesn't really do anything besides give you the weight loss projection. I haven't completed my diary for years.
    This isn't meant to encourage people to undereat (which doesn't apply to OP''s case). Just pointing out that it doesn't do anything magical.