weight lifting

i want to start adding weights to my cardio sessions, to trick my body and prevent a plateau. how should i even start? i'm like a lost puppy when i enter the weight room, and have no idea what to do. i wish i could make a weight lifting plan, but have no clue. help help help.


  • livingleanlivingclean
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    Your body is a bit smarter than you think and doesn't get "tricked". Resistance training is very beneficial for retaining/gaining muscle mass though, and you should definitely start if you want to.

    If you have absolutely no idea about what to do, I'd recommend getting some coaching/pt sessions so you can be taught correct form.
  • PeterDive
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    Start off on the corrrct track with a PT as said above. Weights and repairing muscle burns more calories over a longer time than cardio as well. Get a nice shape and less fat in the same time as a cardio workout. If your based near Norfolk pop to my gym Full Fitness Gym and I will ask someone to be gentle and informative rather than work you out. Also don't be scared to lift heavy and have some Doms or soreness the next day.
  • JIJames2017
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    I have just done the same and built some weights in - I just had one session with a personal trainer to get me started and feel more comfortable about the equipment and general gym environment. I didn't want to use free weights and injure myself so all weight machine based - seems to be going ok so give a PT a go.
  • jayemes
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    ^ agreed. Get a trainer to show you how to use the equipment properly. When I started with weights I used machines almost exclusively - I felt more comfortable and more like I was using correct form. Once I felt like I had a clue I moved to free weights. I have also found that the (mostly dudes) in the weight room are almost always *super* helpful and willing to give advice if you ask.