I Just Love Bread Too Much

My carbs are through the roof, and so I guess I need to cut down my bread intake. I'm one of those people, though, who eats bread primarily. I'll pick at meats and veggies, then eat 3 or 4 rolls. I am working on balancing that out as well. Is there a better alternative to make with dinner -
something filling that won't be nearly as many carbs? Thanks in advance!

5'6", 123 lbs, age 25


  • kimny72
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    You are a fairly low weight, so why are you looking to change your diet. Are you always hungry? Do you have a medical need? Fitness goals you can't meet?
  • malibu927
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    There's nothing wrong with bread or carbs if you don't have a medical reason to watch your intake. What is your goal?
  • kshama2001
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    What are your goals? At your height, I can't imagine there's any weight to be lost. If you're not happy with your body, perhaps look in to recomping. I'm sure someone will be along with links.

    I don't find bread satiating, but do find potatoes and rice very filling. I have no medical reason to worry about carbs and lose weight just fine as long as I eat primarily carbs that fill me up. I have vegan friends who are fit and healthy and eat even more carbs than I do.
  • Neurotic22
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    If you're just looking to have healthier choices - maybe choose whole grains or seeded breads, or maybe try having meat and potatoes with your veg!

    Baked potatoes with filling, plus side salad can be really good on the go because nice big uncooked potatoes microwave in about 8-12 mins!

    Lasagna is great bc it has carbs, but homemade can be stuffed with veggies as well as mince (I was appalled to find out that store-bought non-vegetarian lasagna doesn't have lots of veg in!), or you could just cook a small portion of veg-filled pasta sauce to pour over a store-bought lasagna! The idea is have few sheets of pasta and lots of filling!
  • nowine4me
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    Have you tried Ezikiel English muffins or Daves Killer bagels? Both are super dense, filling and delicious.
  • timtam163
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    Seedy/grainy bread might take some getting used to and won't taste as good, but once you have it you won't be able to eat as much of it as you may have white bread rolls, and once you get used to it going back to white bread might make you feel different (for me it makes me feel light-headed and kinda sick after I eat a lot of it).
  • CELLIS1101
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    I'm just looking to make some healthy changes. Last night we had steak and grilled vegetables, and I just really missed my homemade rolls. Thanks for the help! We're going for groceries tomorrow, so I can pick up some whole grain breads & pastas then.
  • rsclause
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    I was a bread with every meal person all my life. My wife discovered that she has a gluten allergy so she only eats gluten free bread but its not easy to find and not as good. As part of my weight loss I cut out most bread like the loaf they plop on the table at restaurants. Now my intake limited to a whole grain sandwich at noon. The reduction helped me lose weight and after getting used to it I don't miss it as much. I do think its better with lots of butter though, yeah that's the other half of the problem
  • DebLaBounty
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    Save up your calories, don't have any bread until dinner time, have 1 roll at dinner, and savor it slowly. Log the calories and don't go over your limit. You will still lose weight.
  • kgirlhart
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    Bread and carbs are not unhealthy. If you are not over eating bread then there is no reason to cut it out of your diet. You are at a good weight. There is nothing wrong with eating bread with dinner.
  • toxikon
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    If you're not getting a lot of meat and veggies, you may just want to supplement with a multi and perhaps have a protein shake every day. But really, as long as you feel good, there's no reason to change your eating habits. Eat what you enjoy to eat.
  • Luna3386
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    If it fits in your calories and you aren't avoiding protein and fruits/veggies eat the bread!

    Bread is fine and not 'less' healthy than anything else.
  • kyubeans
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    If I didn't have blood sugar issues, I'd eat bread all day everyday.... *wistful sigh*
  • nevadavis1
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    Honestly, I stopped baking. Store bought bread is easier to resist than my homemade. I'm planning to bake for the holidays, but I just can't do it on a regular basis. My husband actually feels the same way--if I bake it's just too good, especially when warm, to exercise good self control around. So for special occasions, but not all the time any more.
  • rheddmobile
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    If your blood sugar's fine, there's no reason you can't eat high carb. The thing is, how are your other macros? Those carbs have to come from something else - are you getting enough protein and healthy fat? The way to eat fewer rolls is to eat more meat and vegetables. If you don't like the dinners you have, try different ones until you find food you like eating.
  • kenyonhaff
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    Or you could simply eat your homemade rolls fewer and less often. Make only enough so you do not keep chowing down.

    I had to cut out a lot of the white bread goals for me to make my goals. But not all.

    I turned to high protein and fiber wraps and thin corn tortillas for everyday sandwich needs.
  • SaraydaB
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    Maybe you could just limitate your intake? To just once a day... No more than two slices and try to choose a whole wheat type?
  • CTcutie
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    I think it's great OP wants to eat a balanced diet... I made the heart breaking decision a few years ago to give my bread machine away. Had to be done! I used it to make fresh rolls & cinnamon roll dough but lived alone and ate ALL of it. With lots of butter!! It was the best decision for me. I can't trust myself with a bread basket.
    My kitchen aid mixer Is boxed up in an upstairs closet, so I don't have to think about all the yummies I could make!
    I eat English muffins (whole wheat, usually) and grainy/seedy bread on occasion, or a piece of baguette (must hide pre-portioned chunks in the freezer).