Healthy Desserts?

I'm a big sucker for sweet things. It has been 2 or 3 weeks since I've been on this diet. I'm starting to get strong cravings for it again. Any recipes/suggestions? Thanks!


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    I'll copy and paste a reply made in another thread, some of it may not pertain to you.

    Have  you tried subbing your regular sugary sweets with less calorific alternatives? I don't have a sugar addiction, but i do have a wicked sweet tooth.

    I'll list some stuff i have to satisfy my tooth:

    - I have a huge bowl of watermelon and cantaloupe every afternoon, around 500-700g of fruit for 200ish calories.

    - When i feel like a chocolate bar, i'll have a quest bar for 190 calories, usually double chocolate chunk, much better macros and less calories than my usual chocolate bar.

    I have dessert every single night, and a large quantity too, I'll make:

    - Chocolate pudding, which is simply 200g plain Greek yogurt with 30g chocolate/peanut butter protein powder mixed in.

    - Chocolate peanut butter cup sludge, 60g choc/pb protein powder and 75ml chocolate Almond milk, i make it then pop it in the fridge for a couple of hours and then I'll microwave it for 30ish seconds, it turns out crunchy on the outside and gooey chocolate in the middle.

    - My favourite dessert-

    -I buy peters no sugar added icecream, and Halotop icecream. I also buy Flavdrops from Myprotein, and add a few drops in my smoothies or cups of coffee. My faves are chocolate/peanut butter, maple and toffee.

    I honestly have dozens of yummy sweet concoctions that satisfy my sweet tooth and dont break the calorie or macro bank.

    I very rarely bring stuff in the house i know full well i have no control around, like peanut butter cups, snickers, chocolate cake, donuts etc etc If they're not here then I cant scarf them down 
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    I love the chobani flips Greek yogurt , and the Philadelphia cream cheese cheese cake cups , both are delicious and really take care of my sweet cravings .
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    Fruit, small amounts of high quality chocolate.

    When I do the following, I don't have cravings:

    1. Get sufficient sleep
    2. Exercise regularly - when I get the happy hormones from exercise, I'm not prone to seeking them from food.
    3. Get sufficient protein in relationship to carbs. I'm not low carb, but reducing carbs and upping protein worked for cravings for me. See also
    4. Eat moderate amounts of fruit. This makes me less interested in higher calorie sweets.
    5. Take a magnesium supplement. This can be especially helpful for women premenstrually.
    6. Save foods like chocolate for after dinner, in small amounts
    7. Stay hydrated
    8. Have a calorie deficit that is appropriate for the amount of weight I need to lose. An overly aggressive goal can definitely lead to cravings.
    9. Eat at maintenance when my appetite goes up premenstrually.
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    I usually skip dessert.
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    TonyB0588 wrote: »
    I usually skip dessert.

    I dont. I have dessert every single night.

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    Well, this week, I'm doing a fruit salad in lemon glaze.

    What do you mean by 'healthy' desserts? Are you just looking for under a certain number of calories or is there a certain macro you're looking for/looking to avoid?

    I generally go for homemade desserts that are under 200 calories, which means a lot of fruit-based (often cooked in some sort of syrup), meringues, homemade truffles, sorbets, granitas, and some cakes where part of the oil has been switched out for applesauce and often incorporates raisins or other fruits for less added sugar. (I'm not watching my sugar intake, but it's another way to get more nutrients.)
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    I'm a big fan of Halo Top. I like the vanilla with a diet root beer to make a 60 cal root beer float. Or I'll just straight up have an ice cream sandwich...which is only 150 calories. Also a fan of berries topped with a tablespoon of cool whip.
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    If by healthy you mean low calorie: I have a 2 finger KitKat when I feel like chocolate and don't have the calories

    If by healthy you mean whole foods: you can't go any sweeter than dates. You could make bite sized balls made out of dates and some other mix in (examples: cocoa powder, shredded coconut, orange zest, nuts, crushed roasted chickpeas and many others)

    If you mean low sugar: Jell-O sugar-free pudding hits just the point

    If you mean large volume for the calories: nothing beats protein fluff for that

    If you mean high protein: here is an idea

    ETA: have you ever tried poached pears? They're divine!
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    banana "ice cream": freeze very ripe bananas, then process in a food processor until it is smooth like soft-serve ice cream. I like to make mine with other fruit too: usually mango and strawberries. To make it extra delicious add a small serving off toppings like granola or chocolate bits.

    So good.
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    I also like chia pudding: soak a tablespoon of chia seeds in 1/3 cup milk (I use soy). I leave it overnight and then add fruit to flavour it.
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    Haven't done this in years but I should start again - banana split - peeled banana, sliced the long way - top with your favorite yogurt, add Cool Whip or Redi-Whip (fat free or not), can add some chocolate syrup or caramel (heard they have a sugar free version) and sprinkles if you want. Enjoy.
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    chia pudding! but really you can budget for any reasonably sized dessert in your daily calorie intake. :)
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    I save calories for a protein bar in the evening to satisfy my sweet tooth and get better macros
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    I usually have a couple of the 18g Dairy Milk bars (95 calories each) in the fridge for when I have a sweet tooth, alternatively a KitKat or a bag of Maltesers are both in the vicinity of 200 calories.

    Strawberries & low fat cream or yoghurt would be around the same.

    I also make my own protein muffins using MyProtein Muffin Mix. Have a view variations at the bottom of this blog post.

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    I make sugar free jell-o in individual cups so it's one serving size and add fresh strawberries into it, with a TINY bit of sugar free whipped topping.
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    I had strawberry shortcake for the 4th. Those little cakes are 60 calories. Strawberries - 1 cup = 48 calories. Fat free/sugar free cool whip - 3 servings because I like it a LOT = 60 calories. Total of 168 calories and worth every bite. Take out the cake and you're down to just over 100.
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    One of my favorite desserts is to take ricotta (low fat though I will do full fat for company/non dieting) and puree it in the food processor until very creamy with orange marmalade and--optional but yummy--splash of grand marnier or triple sec. Put in a martini glass, top with mini chocolate chips or raspberries and a sprinkle of cocoa powder, etc.
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    This was posted in another thread...and now I'm having practically everyday...SO amazingly good:))

    If you have a blender you can make protein ice cream, makes a giant bowl and has changed my life <3

    60 ml sugar free maple syrup
    120 ml unsweetened almond milk
    30g protein powder (recommend chocolate or cookies n cream)
    Entire tray of ice cubes
    3g xanthan gum

    Add everything to the blender let it go 4-5 minutes.

    Pour into a bowl and top with more syrup and a few crushed up cookies or pb2.. whatever you have the calories for.

    150-160 calories depending on PP used and toppings. I will never waste $5 on Halo Top again!

    Credit to this youtube video to about 7 minutes in to see the magic happen :)

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    I save calories for a dessert type supper every night.

    It's often the first thing I plan into my daily food allowance and I don't often compromise on what I want. So, if I'm in the mood for PB and Jam on white bread - that is what I plug into my diary and then I can see what I need to do to ensure that the day still works calories and macro wise.

    But, when times are hard and I can't make a "normal" supper fit I'll usually satisfy my sweet cravings with a protein bar, sugar free jelly, protein cheesecake, or a beltsander brownie.
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    Well, our cherry tree is loaded with fruit right now. I've made a cherry pie, cherry bread, and a cherry crumble in the last 10 days. Before that, I made cakes for my son and husband, whose birthdays are one day apart (one red velvet, one Dutch chocolate with buttercream frosting). None of these are "health food" but I've had small pieces over the past three weeks. I just made sure that they were in my calorie range for the day. The pie and crumble were especially good with Reddi Wip (2 Tablespoons for 15 calories). The best low cal non-fruit treat I'm into lately is Jello Sugar Free chocolate pudding (70 calories for 1/2 cup). If it's chocolate you crave, there's also the Ritter Mini chocolate bars for 90 calories each. I guess I wanted to let you know that you can live within the parameters of your diet without completely blowing it as long as you're logging the calories accurately.