47 year old male, always been overweight

I have to get serious about losing some weight. I am 6'1 and 289 lbs. I've been over 250 for the last 20 years. I'm creeping up on 300, and I don't want that. I could use some help.


  • jackizmz
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    I'm just starting myself I am starting with losing a pound per week. Saralee has a bread that is only 45 calories per slice. I am not buying anything that has 200 or more calories per serving. I don't know what u r allowed per day but that is my suggestion. Pick an amount u don't want the calories per serving and go from there
  • carolemack
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    You have taken a very important first step by joining MFP...the key to meeting your objective is to make full use of the MFP Diary...log absolutely everything you eat and drink, be brutally honest with yourself, you don't have to allow anyone else to see it but it is very important in understanding what works for you and what doesn't. The logging gets easier and quicker the more you use it as it builds up a database of what you usually eat.

    The other key thing is to invest in a good scale for weighing your food...you will be amazed at what learning portion sizes will do for you. Weighing and logging...they are the keys to success...it really is just calories in and calories out...sounds so simple but is so very challenging for most of us. I wish you much success!
  • ironjay37
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    Welcome, you can do this, stick to one plan at a time, that's hard but whether it's a workout pkan or diet stick to it for at least 2 weeks before switching, the switching plans is worse than sticking to something, giving it time. Hope that makes some sense.
  • Brabo_Grip
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    1. Eat at a caloric deficit using MFP as your guide. 90% of this whole deal. Log consistently and faithfully. No fudging. Be honest.

    2. As someone said above, buy a scale. Weigh your food and learn what portion size should be.

    3. Find the exercise that you love. There are all kinds of ways to excercise. Find the one that you love. I hated and quickly grew bored with traditional gyms and workouts. I discovered BJJ/MMA a few months shy of my 38th birthday. It is the direct reason I lost 85lbs and am in the best shape of my life in my early 40s. Both because of the calories burned and it made me want to ensure I was doing 1 above.

    That is it. That simple. But it takes work and for most people requires a lifestyle change. Also, motivation only gets you so far. You need to start habits and have support. Motivation comes and goes. Habits stick around. Feel free to add my as a friend for support and accountability.