"Her cooking is not clean". Old movie quote. What does it mean?

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Last night I woke up and put the tv on to an infomercial on omega 3 fish oil capsules. Puts me right to sleep. When I woke up an old, old black and white movie was on. A lady in a kitchen fully dressed with her hair in dipty-do curls and apron. Really old movie.
Her quote to the man "Don't eat at her house, her cooking is not clean". I wonder what it meant back in the days (I"m guessing 1940's). She didn't have running water to was dishes? Soap?
I can't remember the channel or I would have looked up the movie name. It was about a fire station. I swear that was the quote. I couldn't believe it.


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    The meth didn't have 99% purity.
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    Maybe they were talking about Typhoid Mary?