Logging non-cardio to MFP

Wolfger Posts: 350 Member
Cardio is super simple. I can get it synced from MapMyFitness, or easily transfer from Fitbit. When I do weights, though, I've got no easy way to log that here. Any suggestions? Currently I log in Fitocracy and then copy it over (maybe) to MFP manually. Is there any good app for tracking workouts that will sync?


  • AliceDark
    AliceDark Posts: 3,886 Member
    Are you trying to track reps/sets/loads, or just total time with an estimated calorie burn? If it's the former, you can track that information in the strength training section. If it's the latter, go into the cardio section and find the entry labeled "weight training" (or something like that). Just keep in mind that calorie burns for strength training vary wildly from person to person, so the estimated burn that MFP gives you may or may not be accurate.
  • Ready2Rock206
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    Under cardio search strength training.