Binge eating help!

I can't stop binging when i stop using my fitnesspal, i would like to stop counting calories and just eat like a normal person without weighing and counting everything, but i can't because i start binging! Help! Any tips?


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    I agree with @jeromeBarry1 on this one. NSL: Never Stop Logging. KCLO: Keep Calm and Log On.

    It is a trick of evolution that our bodies naturally want more than we need. The only way to fix it is to override your physiology using the rational part of your brain.
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    And what? Log and weigh food for the rest of my life? No thank you, i have to learn to stop binging
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    What exactly (other than not logging) triggers the binge? Stress, boredom? Or is it the fact that since you aren't logging you subconsciously feel it doesn't count? No wrong answers here. I'm just trying to get a bit more information to maybe provide better answers.

    I don't weigh or log my food, either, so I understand you not wanting to do it, but what I do is keep a general food diary of what I ate, when, approximately how much and most importantly how I'm feeling, both physically and emotionally. Doesn't mean I spend hours keeping track of my every bite and every feeling, but it's a way of keeping track of my food intake and if I notice any weight changes I can refer to it and see what's happening or what I need to change.
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    I have gained back weight every time I have stopped logging. Then I have to cut for several months to get back to my goal weight, which is pretty hard. This time, I've decided to just keep logging and see what happens.

    I have developed many shortcuts that make logging much easier. If I don't feel like tallying everything for a meal, I just quick-add a bunch of calories. I didn't log during my vacation. (Although I regret that because I lost my streak. I didn't still gain any weight because we were active.)

    For me, it isn't the single big binges that are a problem, it is the constant nibbles.
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    I guess it's from boredom:/ Constantly logging is tiring, sometimes the food you want to eat isn't in the food category, sometimes you want to eat the food your mum made for example.
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    The best piece of advice is everything in moderation.
    Go on, eat your mom's food! A mother's food is always the best even if it's not always the best for your body.
    I would just say when you do 1) Pick a smaller plate to load your food on and 2) Don't get seconds (even that will be really hard).
    If you go out to a restaurant only eat half of it at the restaurant and take the rest home for tomorrow.
    Binge eating is always a constant challenge, but since you're asking for help, I believe you have the power to exchange this habit for healthier ones, which will last longer than your time using MFP.
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    I have found that mindfulness is helping me a lot. When I go to eat, I really think about what it is, what I've had for the day, and if this particular food is a good idea.

    Some people can quit logging. I log occasionally if I notice that I haven't been feeling well or have less energy. Otherwise I just pay attention to my food and whether or not it will be good for me.

    As for eating your mom's cooking, do it! I enjoy my mom's food, I just make my portions a bit smaller than I used to. :)
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    Definitely portion control. My mom lost almost sixty pounds roller blading and just controlling portions but never giving up what she loves including pasta and ice cream!
    As for controlling the binge, brush your teeth with super minty tooth paste when you get the urge to graze without the need to eat. Chew gum if it's the oral fixation and go for a walk when you find yourself walking to the fridge. Chug some water even to give your belly something to think about. When I'm bored and start wandering around the kitchen I walk right out of the kitchen and go do something else. It is all about self control. You shouldn't have to rely on an app to control your self, but remember it's not an instant fix, its a habit you're trying to break so replace it with something else.
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    What helped me was reading "When Food is Love" by Geneen Roth. Or any of her other books for that matter.
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    Thank you so much for all the advice x
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    1. Logging is for pattern recognition, not for counting calories. If you can observe key success factors when you log, you can continue those patterns when you don't log - ie, half of everything I eat needs to be fruits or vegetables or I gain weight back, or I buy and eat a lot of beef so it needs to be 95%lean because the 85%lean is way too many calories.
    2. You've got to get back to the core issues of why you overeat. When you go back for more, or when you binge, what EXACTLY are you feeling in that moment before you reach for the food? Everyone - all of us bingers - MUST address that piece, or it will never change. Negative emotions get the best of us in those moments. Stress, fear, uncertainty, anger, whatever.
    Good luck! I'm rooting for you!
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    ania2704 wrote: »
    Thank you so much for all the advice x

    Thanks for asking this question. To be honest I was on here this evening to also look for support as I am a binger. I go times where I go really well with food and workouts and then I either get bored or emotional enough by stress that it seems to trigger it and I give in and then it's days if not weeks at a time. I need to change this habit as some of these suggestions have been helpful, I like you don't want to log every day of my life but here are some better starting points